How You're Voting Next Week Says Everything About Your Sex Life, Science Says

by Sheena Sharma

It turns out who someone's voting for doesn't just tell you if they're pro-choice or pro-life; it says a lot about how down they are to get ~dirty~ in the bedroom.

According to a Personality and Individual Differences study published in ScienceDirect, liberals' and conservatives' sexual preferences are almost as different as their political opinions.

Liberals tend to prefer "risky sexual behaviors" like one-night stands, while conservatives prefer more "traditional" sex positions, like missionary.

Conservatives prefer more 'traditional' sex positions, like missionary.

The fact that conservatives aren't willing to jump in the sack with a random person makes sense, considering Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence has spent millions of dollars funding abstinence education...

To find out this information, researchers asked 1,074 people around the country questions about their sexual behaviors, including whether or not they use sex toys in the bedroom and if they tend to have casual sex.

Aside from being more likely to have sex with strangers, Americans voting blue masturbated more (woo!) and also racked up more sexual partners than conservatives did. On the other hand, libertarians, the guys in the middle of the political spectrum, aren't into masturbation but love doggy style. (Who knew?)

Americans voting blue masturbated more (woo!) and also racked up more sexual partners than conservatives.


All this being said, the study also claims, though conservatives "engage in a narrower band of activities," they're more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives overall.

One can only assume why this is true, but it might have something to do with the fact they have fewer sexual partners. Thus, they're more likely to create bonds of emotional intimacy and may feel more comfortable expressing themselves sexually with their partners.

Some other recent stats revealed more about political preferences in relation to sex: Trump supporters are more likely to film themselves during sex, while people who are pro-BDSM love Obama.

Trump supporters are more likely to film themselves during sex, while people who are pro-BDSM love Obama.

Basically, there's probably a reason you're not encouraged to talk politics over drinks on a first date. Your political affiliation is giving away more about you than you think!

So the next time you meet a guy at a bar who isn't immediately down to take you home or have sex with you in his car, or who wants to whip out a camera when he finally does get you in the sack... you can safely assume he's voting for Trump.