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When Guys Say "I Love You" During Sex, Is It For Real?

I'm not going to sugarcoat it: Saying "I love you," especially for the first time, is a huge f*cking deal.

You're showing a vulnerable side of you that's usually kept hidden, opening up your heart to someone else when it's usually locked away in a box under the dumpster outside your apartment.

Those three words carry a lot of weight to 'em. You don't just throw them around like any other phrase. They have value, meaning, and are a great way of showing just how you feel about someone.

You love them. LOVE, people. THAT'S BIG.

And saying "I love you" is even BIGGER when it's uttered in the midst of hot, sweaty, passionate lovemaking.

Because there's no better time to tell someone for the first time how full your heart is than when you're inside them, amirite?

Well, maybe not.

A bunch of guys took to Reddit to express just how they feel about telling their partner they love them for the first time in the middle of sex.

Showing raw emotion: It's not for everyone!

Pro-tip: Love should be referenced before ~the sex~ takes place.

That emotionally charged romp could make you say things you may not actually mean.

Well... if you say it first, I'll say it (or at least, grunt it) back.

Saying "I love you" during sex has the potential to be romantic AF... if you're both on the same page, that is.

Don't do it, according to this guy, because sex just confuses EVERYTHING.

This guy would prefer to say "I love you" over a lobster dinner, not sweaty sex.

Saying "I love you" mid-climax is allowed... as long as you don't scream it with a twisted "O" face.

Rough sex isn't exactly the most practical time to pour your heart out to someone.

This guy would much rather "show" his love for someone, not "tell" it.

Sex could be so much better with a properly timed "I love you."

Any "I love you" should be null and void when brought up even remotely close to sex, according to this guy.

Sex can get messy (in so many ways, like, literally if lube is involved, but also just messy with so. Many. Feelings), so bringing love into the equation may not be the best course of action.

So before you spew out any reference to those three words, just save yourself the trouble and think about if you actually mean it.