The Reason You Hate Your Job Has Everything To Do With Your Sex Life, Science Says

by Jamie LeeLo
Jovo Jovanovic

If you hate your job and spend the workday feeling unmotivated, then listen up, babe, because it might have nothing to do with your shitty boss and a lot more to do with your shitty sex life.

I'll say this a thousand times if I have to: Good sex always leads to a happier life. And now, science has finally proven me right.

Science, you dirty dog.

A new study from Oregon State University was recently published in the Journal of Management, and it examined the work and sex habits of married employees.

The study consisted of 159 people whom researchers instructed to complete two short surveys every day for two weeks. Participants answered questions about things like how often they had sex and what their moods were like at work the following day.

What was the BIG REVEAL? Well, those who reported having more sex also recorded more positive moods, higher engagement with their jobs and generally feeling more satisfied with their workday as a whole.

For both men and women, the benefits of a good romp session were "equally strong" and lasted about 24 hours, regardless of the participants' quality of sleep and happiness in their individual relationships (both of which can radically affect a person's mood obviously).

Researchers suspect all of this professional efficiency might come from the natural boost in dopamine and oxytocin (both of which are proven mood boosters) that happens after having sex.

So, how can you capitalize on this pretty awesome cause and effect? Associate professor at OSU's College of Business and study co-author Keith Leavitt says the best you can do is make time for good sex.

"This is a reminder that sex has social, emotional, and physiological benefits, and it's important to make it a priority," he explained in a statement.

OK, fine, you sold me. I guess I'll just HAVE to start having more sex... you know, for the benefit of my professional career.

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