The More A Guy Drinks, The More Likely He’ll Ditch You To Hook Up With Another Guy

by Sean Abrams

Alcohol can make you do craaaaazy things.

According to a new study, that can also mean hooking up with members of the same sex (even if you consider yourself as straight as they come).

Yes, all you bros out there. Despite your firm stance on all things vagina, it's pretty hard to deny the power of a strong jawline after consuming an unhealthy amount of drinks at the bar.

According to the study, published by The Journal of Social Psychology, heterosexual men who have their "beer goggles" secured are more likely to be attracted to other gentlemen the more wasted they are.

To deduce this, researchers spoke with 83 straight adults (both male and female) and inquired about the amount they had to drink by giving them a breathalyzer test.

After being tested, the subjects were shown 40 seconds of video, featuring either a man or a woman at a bar hanging out, drinking and interacting with the bartender.

After watching, the subjects were given a list of questions about the people they viewed in the clips, ranging from if they'd approach them and purchase them a beer to if they'd bring them home to have sex with them.

The beginning results weren't much of a shocker, as the guys showed plenty of interest when the attractive woman was on the screen. And the women, naturally, were more attracted to the man.

It was also noted that the men made more sexual comments in general following the conclusion of the videos, supporting past research that dudes think with their penis and are cool with casual sex with someone they barely know.

But wait. That's not even the best part.

While it was evident the guys were ready to bone the woman in the video, no matter how much (or how little) they had to drink, alcohol played a big factor when it came to their level of attraction toward the male in the video.

In other words, the more these super straight men drank, the more they reported being attracted to other men.

In fact, male subjects who consumed over 10 alcoholic beverages were ready to stick their dick just about anywhere... including the guy from the video. They were just as into the man as they were into the woman.

Why is this so?

Well, first off, I'm a first believer in curiosity and experimentation. Exploring your sexuality is a great thing. If someone's hot, why wouldn't you want to hook up with them? What's stopping you? Societal norms?

Fuck that.

According to Vice, because of alcohol's ability to lower our everyday anxiety and inhibitions, it could be that, while drunk, we're more open to experimentation. Alcohol helps us take action on things we would never do on a regular basis.

Instead of getting caught up in what everyone else thinks, we overthink less and just do.

And that, my friends, is an excellent way to approach life.

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