Lil Dicky Won't Let His 'Girlfriend' Find An Excuse To Not Use A Condom


For those of you who don't know, I LOVE Lil Dicky.

What do I love about Lil Dicky so much? Well, first of all, I just identify with him on a strangely deep level. If my parents were to have a son, I swear to god he would probably grow up to be a funny male rapper just like Lil D.

The whole concept of embracing anything and everything that's otherwise considered "uncool" is something I've always just loved. And, from being frugal to still pining over the one that got away, it's what Lil Dicky does best.

Now he's trying his hand at the whole condom thing. SAFE SEX IS COOL, you guys. And Lil Dicky knows it better than anyone.

The hilarious rapper teamed up with Trojan to shoot these two epic commercials that will be played during the VMAs.

I mean, seriously... watch his commercials right now and tell me you don't want to go out to the store and buy Trojan BareSkin condoms right here right now.

Also, his girl is a total smoke show.

There's this one where he calls his girl out for being so impulsive before they do the deed.

...and also for messing with his well organized files.

And this one, where he has her take a minute to reflect after the fact.

...and he makes a fart joke! What more could you ask for?!

So THANK YOU to both Trojan and Lil Dicky for the friendly reminder to use a rubber. Seriously, guys... just use a condom.

I promise the salvation from pregnancy (not to mention the salvation from convincing yourself that you are pregnant with an STI even when you're not) and disease is WELL worth the two seconds it takes to grab one and slip it on.

Ooh! Ooh! I almost forgot! Something else I love about these commercials is they're in a relationship. He says in the second clip they've been dating for three months. And they're still using condoms!

Safe sex isn't just for your random one night stands, it's for ALL sex.