How To Tell Your Guy You Want To Have Anal Sex, According To Guys

by Sean Abrams
Kar Tr/Shutterstock


Everyone's always so intrigued about the ~other~ kind of sex, but still apprehensive when given the opportunity to go anywhere near someone else's anus.

As for why that is, I have no idea. Contrary to popular belief, anal sex (if done properly) will leave you feeling satisfied and not like you've been split in half.

Because that's the thing: Both parties involved need to be on the same page when it comes to taking the alternate route through the back entrance. The door is sealed shut until a secret password is granted.

Hint: The password is p-e-n-i-s.

For gay men like myself, hanging out around the sphincter is just a regular afternoon. For those not too well-versed with butt play, anal sex needs to be discussed before you attempt it.

If you want to tell your guy you want it in your butt, you better make sure he knows what he's doing first.

A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to answer a lady's question as to how other couples manage to communicate so seamlessly when it comes to the art of anal.

Some methods are cheekier than others.

The key is to be really vocal about it.

Pay attention to those lacy undergarments.

If you're going to do it, don't run and tell your friends immediately after.

Show that you're into some good, old-fashioned butt play, and it could turn into full-blown penetration.

Even if you're spontaneous, don't propose to have a d*ck up your butt if you've just inhaled copious amounts of seafood.

Sometimes, no plan could be the best plan.

Just bring up that you know a surefire way not to get pregnant: doing anal.

Being polite always applies when asking for something... even anal.

Suggest a little give and take.

The best way to get the green light is if it's been hinted at earlier in the day.

Wow, who would've thought?

If you want something up your butt, all you have to do is ask!