Guys Reveal What They Actually Mean When They Hit You With That "U Up?" Text

Ah, the infamous, yet somehow still elusive, "U up?" text. A not-so-clever ploy people use to gauge whether or not someone else is awake, horny, and DTF.

If you're smart like me, you put your phone on "do not disturb" mode before going to bed, so you're not bothered by slew of "U up?" texts coming through every night.

Just kidding. No one ever texts me that. (@ boys and girls, where are you? I'M AVAILABLE.)

But as with anything in life, we shouldn't assume we know exactly what this text means every time.

Maybe someone genuinely wants to know if you're awake. Maybe someone is looking to have a deep, heart-to-heart conversation where you emotionally connect via shared thoughts and experiences. Maybe they want to know if "U up" so they can bring you $5 million in cash, and then leave and never bother you again.

I know, I know. I'll be here all week, you guys.

But because you truly never know, a bunch of guys took to Reddit to reveal exactly what they mean when they hit you with that "U up?" text. And... well, I'll just let these guys do the talking.

This guy knows exactly what he wants when he sends it.

This guy DGAF about anything, apparently.

I mean, are we surprised?

Literally, raise your hand if you're surprised.

No one's surprised? Well, I, for one, am ~shocked~.

This guy would just like to know if you're up.

And so would this guy. (Why, though?)

I just had to look up what "Gwent" is, and... OK.

It all depends on the girl, according to this guy.

This guy can kindly take every girl he texts "U up?" to dinner first, thank you.

Sorry, but this guy is probably lying. Though, his username literally says "kittenlover," so the jury's still out.


Well, wasn't this a fun lesson in trusting your already-correct instincts?

So, ladies, if you're constantly getting a string of "U up?" texts, rest assured these guys probably only want one thing... unless it's pizza guy.