Science Says Your BF May Be Using His Sports League As An Excuse To Cheat On You

by Sean Abrams

You know all those times your boyfriend's let you down, blaming the grueling schedule of his after-work sports league as the reason why he's home so late?

He does look awful sweaty, so... he must have had a long game, right?

While it's best to be optimistic, the long repeated hours away from home should raise a few flags.

New research points at men's scheduled athletics as an easy way to cheat on their spouses and hide the affair from plain sight.

Athlete... or adulterer? conducted a survey, polling 1,750 men in hopes of finding out which sport contained the most athletes who used their "playing time" as an opportunity to be unfaithful.

Researchers focused on men who participated in some type of sport for six or more hours every week.

It turns out that guys who play rugby were the baddest of them all, with 21 percent of those players using the excuse of a match or sports-related event to go off and sleep with other people.


The next batch of cheaters can be found in footballers (19 percent), which is soccer in this case as the survey is based out of the UK, followed by golfers (17 percent), racers (15 percent) and boxers (12 percent).

The next step was to find out why some athletes are more inclined to cheat over others.

Various other studies have supported the theory that those who work out a lot have much higher levels of testosterone than other men, and testosterone could weigh heavily on sex drive.

Psychologist Dr. Kelly Campbell says the extremely high levels of testosterone found in athletes can make them super horny, essentially leading them to want to bone any woman possible.

A man's testosterone can also be boosted by a lot of resistance training, which is a regular practice for rugby players. This could be why they lead the charge on's chart.

Dr. Steven Ortiz, a sociologist from Oregon State University, claims there's a prominent "culture of adultery" that exists within groups of athletes. Ortiz has a theory that these men incite these acts of infidelity and pressure each other to act this way.

There's no support behind that idea if athletes are more inclined to cheat over the average person, or if a specific type of sport brings out that nature over another.

Instead, this just uses the backing that men are using their after-work activities as a cover when it comes to cheating in general.

Basically, if your man comes home with his jock-strap in his pocket, you've got yourself a big problem.

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