Did Selena Gomez skip the 2022 Grammys because of Justin Bieber? This rumor's a throwback.

Wait, Did Selena Skip The Grammys Because Of Justin And Hailey?

This theory sounds like a DCOM.

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When Selena Gomez received her first-ever Grammy nomination for her album Revelación in November 2021, she was overjoyed. She told Entertainment Tonight, “I cried like a little baby. I was very excited.” But apparently that enthusiasm wasn’t enough to convince her to attend the award show IRL on April 3. Cue all the fan theories on her absence, including one that sounds a little too familiar for longtime fans: Did Gomez skip the 2022 Grammys because of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin? Probs not.

Celebrity gossip account Deux Moi nixed the theory on Instagram, sharing intel from a tipster who claims to be an event insider. She is not attending!!! We were looking to do something with her, but then again Justin also wasn’t attending until last night,” the anonymous source shared, per Cosmopolitan. Deux Moi double-checked, “So nothing to do with him,” and the insider confirmed, “Yeah nothing to do with him.” TL;DR: You can’t avoid your ex and his wife if you don’t even know that they’re going to be somewhere. (It’s unclear when Deux Moi received the tip, but Biebs confirmed his Grammys performance on April 1, and two days is plenty of time to adjust your plans when you’re an A-lister like Gomez.)

Though Gomez hasn’t explained her Grammys absence just yet, in all likelihood, it had nothing to do with Bieber. Besides the fact that they broke up five years ago (and the anonymous source claimed that Bieber’s Grammys presence was a surprise), Gomez has also been super busy with other projects recently. From filming Season 2 of Only Murderers in the Building to launching Wondermind, a mental fitness company, she’s got a stacked schedule.

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Not to mention, Gomez’s nomination for Best Latin Pop Album was not part of the main event. The award was announced during the Grammys pre-show, and Gomez’s album didn’t wind up winning. (Instead, the Grammy went to Alex Cuba for Mendó.)

No matter what Gomez’s reasons were, her decision not to attend the award show might have been for the best. Bieber and Baldwin were showed some major PDA on the red carpet. And although it’s been years since Gomez and Bieber were an item, seeing your ex get all touchy-feely with someone else (yes, even his wife) is never easy.

Though we might never know the deets of Gomez’s decision, all things considered, it’s safe to assume that Bieber and Baldwin were not top of mind. At the very least, we can safely put that rumor to rest — at least, until the next award show.