Steve Martin will return as Charles in Only Murders In The Building

5 Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Theories

Let's speculate wildly.

by Ani Bundel
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

The premise of the Only Murders in the Building podcast is right there in the name: It’s a podcast that only investigates murders in the building where the hosts live, the Arconia. Season 1 (of both the show and the podcast) spent the entire 10-episode run focused on the murder of Tim Kono, and with that mystery now solved, it seemed as if the story had come to a satisfying end. But with another murder taking place in the building at the very end of the Season 1 finale, theories about Only Murders in the Building Season 2 are already running wild.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building follow. Arconiac superfans of Only Murders in the Building: The Podcast rejoice! There’s been another murder in the building. The opening scene of the series, showing Mabel kneeling over a body covered in blood, was actually a flash-forward setup for Season 2. Bunny, the woman in charge of the Arconia and the main antagonist of the podcast’s hosts, was murdered. And not only is she dead, but the weapon used for the act was the knitting needle Mabel keeps around for self-defense. Moreover, she was found wrapped in one of the infamous Only Murders in the Building pieces of merch, the tie-dye hoodie with the podcast’s logo on it, and her body was placed so that she would fall into Mabel’s apartment when the girl opened the door, making her look guilty AF.

Obviously, this is a setup. Viewers know Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are innocent. So who murdered Bunny? Let’s run down the most prominent theories already being thrown around for Only Murders in the Building Season 2.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

1. Someone Else Will Take Over The Podcast

With Mabel, Charles, and Oliver in jail following Bunny’s demise, how will they continue to record episodes? Mabel will be in a different part of the prison than the guys, and even if they are released, their lawyers will almost certainly argue that podcasting is against their best interests.

But with Teddy Dimas needing to sell chicken wraps and the Arconiacs in need of more episodes, someone will need to step up. Could Oscar be the new head of the podcast? And who would join him for a new round of recording? Perhaps Howard Morris or Ndidi Idoko?Better yet, could one of them be behind the frame-up job precisely so they can take over the podcast?

2. Cinda Canning Is Involved

Speaking of those with a vested interest in making the Only Murders in the Building podcast into a content farm, let’s talk Cinda Canning. Her latest idea (or rather, the idea her underling came up with that she promptly claimed) is Only Murderers in the Building. For that, there have to be murderers in the building. And who else is famous enough (besides Sting, obviously) to be murderers than the hosts of Only Murders in the Building?

But would Cinda murder Bunny just to set up her competition?

I mean, have you met Cinda Canning? That woman would probs sell her own grandmother for content.

3. Detective Williams Will Play A Bigger Role

Detective Williams was in the right place at the right time to arrest the podcast hosts at the end of Season 1. As someone who fed them info (once she stopped being annoyed at their very existence), her reminder of their Miranda Rights almost seemed protective.

But was it? Or is she the one setting them up for Bunny’s murder? After all, they made her look bad by proving Tim Kono wasn’t the open and shut case she assumed.

4. Sazz Will Get Involved

One of Only Murders in the Building’s chief joys was its guest star roster, especially Jane Lynch as Brazzos’ old stunt double. She also turned out to have far more than Charles ever did about solving Tim Kono’s murder, seeing how she gave the threesome the biggest clue regarding Tim’s demise.

Although Jane Lynch is not confirmed to return in Season 2, the show’s executive producer, John Hoffman, said she has been invited back, and that he hopes to make Sazz a much more significant presence going forward. Can Charles’ stunt double be the one to get him out of jail? Or perhaps sit in prison for him while he solves the crime?

5. A Big Clue From Season 1 Will Return

The biggest clue about what may happen in Season 2 comes from those texts Oliver and Charles got at the end of Season 1, the ones telling them to get out of the building as the police sirens grew closer. It was an obvious ploy to get them to find Mabel, so all three would be with Bunny’s body when the SWAT team arrived. But who sent the texts?

That’s why the suspicion about the Bunny’s murderer swings back around to someone in the building. Possible, someone who overheard Mabel tell Bunny she’s the most hated woman in the building. Someone who knows Oliver and Bunny have been feuding for years. Someone who knew how offended Charles was at the meeting when Bunny led a crusade to kick them out of the building. Someone who has watched these three operate and can play them like a bassoon. The murderer is likely, once again, someone in the building.

All episodes of Only Murders in the Building Season 1 are streaming on Hulu.