Here's how Scott Disick reportedly feels about Kourtney Kardashian having more kids.

Here's How Scott Reportedly Feels About Kourtney And Travis Having Kids 👀

“It's never been my thing, not into it, so not approved by me.” - Scott, probably

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The Kardashians Hulu trailer teased plenty of hints about the upcoming season, but I’ll be honest: I really only paid attention to Kravis and the fact that they want to have a baby together(!!!). ICYMI, the trailer shows Kardashian and Barker at a doctor’s appointment, discussing their hopes of having a baby and Kardashian’s fertility treatments. And although most of the Kar-Jenner family is beyond excited for them, Scott Disick reportedly feels less thrilled about the possibility of Kardashian having more kids. (Shocker.)

On March 29, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Kourtney and Travis want to have a child of their own together. It’s very important — and exciting — to them. Disick doesn't like the idea of Kardashian and Barker growing their family, but the rest of the family is very supportive.” Is it bad that I’m already imagining the all-black baby shower that Kris Jenner would plan for them?

However, it doesn’t sound like Disick is putting up too much of a fight (thankfully). Speaking to Life & Style, another source added that Disick “may not be happy about it, but he’s finally resigned to the fact that there’s no denying Kourtney’s happiness.” Apparently, he “doesn’t seem to be bothered” about the potential baby.

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Plus, it’s not like Kardashian and Barker’s baby plans are too much of a surprise for her ex. The duo has been forming a family together for some time, so this next step only makes sense. The ET source continued, “Kourtney and Travis' kids get along well. Overall, the dynamic is supportive and healthy.” (Remember their cute blended family gingerbread house from December 2021? That was a sign, people!)

Whether Disick approves of their baby plans or not seems slightly irrelevant; Kardashian and Barker really do not need his approval. As long as they are happy (and their kids are content), there’s no stopping this duo... and hopefully their future baby!