Scott Disick's love life after Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's engagement has been pretty ca...

Here’s How Scott’s Love Life Is Going After Kourtney Got Engaged

Wonder who’s going to be his date to the wedding…

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Though Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian officially split up over six years ago, that hasn’t stopped people from wondering how he is handling her latest relationship. What can I say? Skourt fans just don’t give up — even if they probably should. Disick’s love life after Kardashian and Barker’s engagement has definitely been interesting; most recently, he was spotted on a date with model Hana Cross, but he reportedly isn’t interested in making their relationship serious.

On Nov. 8, Disick and Cross had dinner together at Nobu Malibu, per photos released by the Daily Mail. (If Cross’ name sounds familiar, that’s probably because she’s a British model who dated Brooklyn Beckham for about a year before parting ways in 2019.)

Although Disick’s dinner date with Cross might seem like a sign that he’s moving on from his ex Amelia Gray Hamlin (ICYMI, they split up in September), he reportedly isn’t looking for anything long-term. On Nov. 9, a source told Us Weekly, “Don’t be fooled — if he’s spotted with a new girl, it isn’t someone he’s serious about.”

Reportedly, pursuing a new relationship is not Disick’s priority right now. An Us insider explained that Disick has been “doing his own thing” since Kravis’ engagement. The source continued, “He’s mainly been spending a lot of time with his kids.”

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In other words, Disick’s dinner with Cross probably was just that: a dinner. He reportedly “isn’t in a rush to settle down with anyone special any time soon,” the insider claimed.

Regardless of where Disick’s love life takes him, I’m hoping he finds happiness soon — whether in a relationship or while enjoying his singlehood.