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Sarah Hyland waited three months to have sex with Wells Adams due to serious health concerns.

Sarah & Wells Waited 3 Months To Have Sex For This Important Reason

The beginning of their relationship was full of complications.

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Sarah Hyland is opening up about her relationship with Wells Adams — specifically, their sex life. As it turns out, when the couple began dating in 2017, they waited three months to have sex for a crucial reason: her health. (A delayed Fantasy Suite is obviously way better than an emergency trip to a hospital suite.)

During an Oct. 15 episode of her web series, Lady Parts, Hyland invited Cara Delevingne, Whitney Cummings, and Ob/Gyn Dr. Sherry to talk about “the joys of sex.” Throughout their conversation, she explained how her relationship with Adams got off to a slow start. “My fiancé and I, we couldn’t have sex for three months before we actually did, just because medically, for me I wasn’t allowed to,” she explained, per Us Weekly.

Hyland was born with kidney dysplasia, a condition that means she was born without properly developed kidneys. During an interview with Self in 2018, Hyland explained that she has had 16 surgeries as a result, including two kidney transplants. And she first met Adams in the midst of some of her recent complications.

“We met each other for the first time three days before my transplant,” she told Self. “He was texting me in the morning before I went into surgery, and we were FaceTiming the entire time I was in the hospital.”

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So, yeah, Hyland had an extremely important reason to wait to have sex with Adams. And despite their relationship’s complicated beginning, they felt connected from the very beginning. Apparently, they both knew they were each other’s “one” the first time they met.

All things considered, the wait didn’t hurt their relationship in the slightest. It actually made things even steamier. Hyland explained on Lady Parts, “It was this long waiting game that was really, really sexy.”

Good for them!