Sex with a Sagittarius is always unexpected.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Sex With A Sagittarius Is Usually Straight Fire

Nothing is off the table.

by Rosey Baker and Marisa Casciano
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If you haven't had the chance to work out lately, there’s a fun way you can get in some cardio: have sex with a Sagittarius. The fire sign is known for being energetic and adventurous, and those personality traits aren’t necessarily turned off in the bedroom. If you’re texting a crush born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21, then you may want to know exactly what to expect if things heat up, because the Sagittarius sex life is pretty intense.

The Sagittarius sex life is similar to the Sagittarius suitcase-and-passport life: it’s fun-loving, open-minded, and even a little spontaneous at times. Your lover may whisk you off your feet after a romantic dinner at home, or want to learn about what turns you on — whether it be neck kisses, back rubs, or your partner going down on you. As Houston-based astrologer and cosmic writer Chelsea Jackson tells Elite Daily, “Sagittarians approach life and sex with an optimistic, fun attitude. They're looking to learn something new and experience something they won't forget.”

You can show them a good time by simply trying out a new position or showing them how you want to be loved. Just remember: you should never go farther than you or the other person is comfortable. This Sagittarius sex advice will give you the scoop before you get it on.

Don’t Expect To Take It Lying Down

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Sagittarius is one of the most playful signs in the entire zodiac, so don’t expect sex with them to be anything short of an adventure. The fire sign may want to warm up with plenty of foreplay before trying out all kinds of new positions. Kissing will likely include some tongue, and you’re probably going to start getting it on while chilling on the couch, hanging in the kitchen, or even chatting in your car. “They generally don't take things too seriously, and they really like to have a good time,” says Jackson. Essentially, this means they approach sex with the catchphrase, “Why not?”

You’ll Break A Sweat Before You Even Finish

Having sex with a Sagittarius will likely be a workout — except, there’s no clothes, dumbbells, or treadmills involved. While it’s not required to stretch beforehand, you may want to warm your body up a bit, since you’ll be breaking a sweat before you even finish. That’s because Sagittarius doesn’t just look at the destination. They look at the entire journey and decide how they can have fun and make memories every step of the way. Sex isn’t necessarily about a deep connection for Sag, despite their spiritual approach to many other things in life. To them, it can simply be about relaxing, unwinding, and thinking, “Wow, that was good,” at the end.

You’ll Feel Their Physical Drive

Compared to other zodiac signs, Sagittarius has a boatload of physical drive. They typically don’t mind if they have to hike to the top of a mountain or sleep on an overnight flight. In fact, they may sign up for physically-demanding experiences voluntarily. During sex, you’ll feel this drive as a Sagittarius won’t quit before you finish. They’ll work to make sure the experience is equally pleasurable for everyone involved, and they’ll even take the time to have a deep convo with you afterwards. If you can’t keep up, don’t feel bad. According to Jackson, “Memories are the best thing you can give them,” so just show them your best move before tapping out.

You’ll Tap Into Their Unlimited Power

If you didn’t already know, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a.k.a. the planet of expansion. That’s why this zodiac sign can rarely be contained or confined. They have to follow their imagination and grow on a personal level, since they feel like it’s their calling to do so. When it comes to sex, this unlimited sense of power is channeled into passion. You’ll notice that kiss after kiss is tender, strong, and something to rave to your besties about in the group chat. However, this tenderness doesn’t always translate to commitment or long-term feelings, so be sure to know where you and your Sag stand before diving into the deep end.

You’ll See Their Love For Freedom

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While some Sagittarians are ready to settle down, not all are in that place. Some just want a casual hook-up before they take off on their next adventure. Once again, knowing where your Sag stands will be essential, before tossing your clothes on the floor. “Sagittarius people need a lot of freedom,” says Jackson. “They hate feeling stifled in relationships, so be sure to give them plenty of space to hang out with their friends and to experience things without you sometimes.” If you also just want a hook-up, then you may not have to worry about this much. However, if you want a sustainable relationship, then make sure you plan nights away from your Sag at times — it’ll do you both wonders.

You’ll Get To Teach Them Something New

Along with every new experience, Sagittarius likes to learn something new. It’s like a mental souvenir they can take with them, as they venture deeper into your relationship or farther into their life. During your time together, you’ll likely get to teach your Sagittarius something new, like a certain movement, position, or turn on. According to Jackson, they’ll “love you for life” if you do give them advice they can carry with them. In addition, they may drop some advice and tips for you. “Be sure to listen to their every word,” says Jackson.

You’ll Have Sex Somewhere You Haven’t Before

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have sex in the shower? What about in your kitchen, at a dreamy resort, or in the back of a car? With a Sagittarius by your side, it’s very likely that you’ll have sex somewhere you haven’t before and get to check some items off your bucket list. You can even be the one to spark the adventure, if you’d like. Jackson says that Sags need freedom in their relationships, and booking a surprise trip could actually be a great way to connect with your love. “It doesn’t have to be fancy,” says Jackson. “A simple picnic at the beach will do just fine.”

It takes a lot to be able to keep up with this fire sign, but if you’re up for the challenge, then sex with a Sagittarius could be the most fun you've ever had in bed.


Chelsea Jackson, astrologer and cosmic writer

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