There are thousands of hilarious rough sex memes on the internet.
These 15 Rough Sex Memes Will Have You Rolling On The Floor

Or crawling, if that’s more your style.

AleksandarGeorgiev/E+/Getty Images

For fans of BDSM and rough sex, the internet is teeming with fetish communities of all stripes. From FetLife to Kinkly,, BDSM subreddits, and countless other niche sites, there’s no shortage of online groups and forums full of resources and camaraderie. And with every great online community comes, yep, you guessed it: memes.

The best rough sex memes take BDSM tropes like whips and chains, paddles, subs, doms, brats, and chastity cages and turn them into hilarious, bite-size, shareable moments for anyone in the know to cackle at, screenshot, and enjoy for decades to come. Can fetish Reddit turn the childhood classic Beauty And The Beast into a joke about furries, you ask? You betcha. Are piñatas just little papier mâche masochists? Of course they are. Just like BDSM itself, BDSM humor is a little twisted, a little dark, and a whole lot of fun.

If you’ve always been curious about BDSM, but haven’t ventured into the community IRL — maybe you find it too intense and intimidating from the outside, or maybe you’re just a little overwhelmed by all the terms, lifestyles, and props — BDSM, kink, fetish, and rough sex memes use humor to make even the most outlandish sex acts feel relatable. Plus, you might even learn a few new vocab words just by perusing the internet’s highly entertaining trove of hardcore sex memes. Double whammy. Read on for the 15 best rough sex memes — and prepare to never look at Barbie the same way again.

This Meme About The Beast

This meme combines all the best of fan-fiction with all the sex appeal of Disney’s hottest couple. Tale as old as time.

This Meme About Barbie And Ken

You can practically hear Ken yelling, “Come on Barbie! Let’s go Barbie!”

This Meme’s For All The Daddies Out There

The hottest stop sign you ever did see.

This Meme About Whips

Just some good, ol’ fashioned prop play.

This Meme About Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

It’s simple psychology: Everyone *needs* to be topped by a hot femme dom!

This Meme About Grindr

Before I was just horny. Now I’m hungry too. And crying laughing.

This Meme About Puppy Play

Who’s a good girl?

This Meme About A Masochistic Piñata

There may or may not be candy inside.

This Meme About Pain

Ouch. Not that kinda pain.

This Meme About Being In And Out Of A Scene

Pls hurt me but also be nice to me :(

This Meme About Subby Spanking

Jesus take the paddle.

This Meme About Chastity Cages

There’s a lotta tricks up this sleeve.

This Meme About Dirty Talk

Talk that talk to me.

This Meme About Brats

She acts tough but…

Another Puppy Play Meme For Good Measure

Go fetch, babe.