Best relationship tip for your moon sign.

Here’s The Relationship Advice You Need To Hear, Based On Your Moon Sign

Deep breaths, Cancer moons.


If you’re well-versed in the world of astrology, you know that your moon sign can reveal an awful lot about your behavior and attachment style in a relationship. From how you show up for your partner to the ways you express love and receive feedback, it’s virtually all determined by the moon. So, whether you’re in a budding romance or have been with your S.O. for ages, chances are you’ll benefit from the best relationship tip for your moon sign.

While your sun sign encapsulates your core values, and your rising sign determines the face you present to the world, your moon sign captures all of those emotional nooks and crannies within you. “The moon [relates to] how we care, our emotions, our sensitivities, and our home," astrologer Lisa Stardust previously told Bustle. “The moon is the part of ourselves that is felt deep within, that we cannot easily express.”

In other words, the moon plays a huge part in writing our inner monologue — in dictating the stories we tell ourselves, as Brené Brown might say. Understanding what that means for you (and how that translates to your connection with your partner) can be hugely helpful. Here’s a look at the relationship advice you probably need to hear right now, based on your moon sign.

Aries Moon: Let Things Slide


If your moon is in Aries, there’s a chance you can get a little hot-headed. You’re quick to launch into a debate with your partner about anything and everything, from the case for canceling student debt to where y’all should go for dinner tomorrow night. But remember: Not everything has to be an argument. There are ways to have stimulating conversation without turning it into a fiery disagreement (and no, you don’t always have to play devil’s advocate).

Taurus Moon: Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Taurus moons, you’re the type to follow a strict, 12-step skincare ritual with all the softest creams. You love a bit of luxury, sure, but even more than that, you love a routine — so much so that you risk falling into a rut with your partner from time to time. Try to step outside of our comfort zone and try something new, like planning a low-key date night at that hole-in-the-wall taco shop around the corner.

Gemini Moon: Listen Up

You’re great at communicating, Gemini moons, and you know how to express your feelings to your S.O. That said, it’s equally important to show some compassion and actively listen to them, allowing your partner to share their thoughts and feelings uninterrupted.

Cancer Moon: Protect Your Heart


If your moon is in Cancer, odds are, you’re a sensitive sort. You care deeply and love fiercely, which is so, so wonderful. But — especially in the early days of a relationship — your feelings might develop faster than your partner’s. That’s totally fine; everyone moves at their own pace. But while you fall in love, remember to protect your heart, too. If your feelings aren’t eventually returned, consider whether this relationship is still working for you.

Leo Moon: Let Your Guard Down

If you’re a Leo anything, you likely love the spotlight — Leo moons included. You’re used to owning the room, dressing to the nines, and putting on a perpetual show for friends, colleagues, and yes, significant others. Every now and then, it’s OK to drop the performance and let your partner see your softer, more relaxed side. Allow them to cook you dinner one night and dare yourself to show up in sweats and a t-shirt for a cozy night in. Your beau will love that you let your guard down, just for them.

Virgo Moon: Compliment Your Partner

Virgo moons, you can be a little — how should I frame this? — critical at times. You have a tendency to nitpick — largely in a helpful way (who else is going to tell someone when they’ve got spinach in their teeth?), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear on your S.O. Don’t forget to shower your partner with praise, too. It’ll put a smile on their face and a pep in your step, no doubt.

Libra Moon: Express Your Needs


You can definitely be a people-pleaser, Libra moons. And as someone who values partnership and romantic connection above virtually all else, that can also mean you put your own needs beneath those of your S.O. Strive to prioritize yourself sometimes, and don’t shy away from expressing your needs to your partner. Odds are, they’ll be thrilled you spoke up and gave them an opportunity to support you (for once!).

Scorpio Moon: Show Your Softer Side

When it comes to fostering a passionate, soulful relationship dripping in sex appeal, Scorpio moons, you could teach graduate-level courses. But it wouldn’t hurt to be a touch more gentle from time to time. You’re great with emotional honesty, but can occasionally be harsh or biting. Keep an eye on your partner’s reactions to see if or when you’ve stepped over the line.

Sagittarius Moon: Plan A Night In

Sagittarius moons, you love an adventure. Or a house party. Or basically anything that involves meeting new people and trying new things. You’re such a fun time, but you’re also easily distracted — which means your partner might be craving quality one-on-one time. To counter this, plan a cozy night in for just the two of you. Make dinner (or grab takeout, if that’s your vibe), curl up on the couch, and ask them to tell you a story you’ve never heard before.

Capricorn Moon: Balance Life & Love


If your moon is in Capricorn, you’re probably fiercely ambitious, but a bit less comfortable with emotional convos. So, if and when things are hectic at work (which, let’s face it, they often are), your partner might feel a little side-lined. Set aside time to really connect: ask how they’re feeling and discuss how you can each make the other feel most supported and loved.

Aquarius Moon: Make Your Partner Feel Special

Commitment can be hard for you, Aquarius moons. You’re a natural flirt and get a kick out of charming everyone you meet. It’s lovely, but it can definitely make your partner feel envious (and rightly so). When you’re out at a party or a bar, don’t forget that you’re there with your partner. Shoot them a wink across the room, refill their drink before they’ve had a chance to ask — just do little things that make them feel special, reminding them that they’re the apple of your eye.

Pisces Moon: Set Realistic Expectations

Pisces moons, y’all have your head in the clouds in the best way. You’re dreamy and thoughtful and intuitive, but you also sometimes view relationships through rose-colored glasses. The best advice I can offer you is to set realistic expectations for your partner, rather than expecting them to be your white knight 24/7.

And, at the end of the day, never hesitate to ask your S.O. what they need from you — regardless of your birth chart.