Find out the best date idea for you, based on your moon sign.
Try These Fun, Flirty Date Ideas Based On Your Moon Sign

Taurus Moon, listen up.

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If you have ever texted your mom to ask her what time you were born, chances are you have looked up your moon sign before. But if you are unfamiliar, moon signs describe your deepest, most inner self, aka who you are at your core. Your moon sign can be different from your sun sign (but it doesn’t have to be). That said, it can indicate different things about you, your personality, and your romantic life. “While our sun sign tells us how we shine, our moon sign describes our emotional nature," astrologer Catherine Urban previously told Bustle.

So getting in touch with your moon sign can help you embrace your sensitive side. Likewise, figuring out your most epic date based on your moon sign is one way to feel more connected to yourself and your crush or partner. "The moon is the part of ourselves that is felt deep within, that we cannot easily express," astrologer Lisa Stardust added to Bustle.

If you want to delve deeper into some emotional intimacy and you’re craving a more emotional and romantic outing for your next date, it’s time to start looking to your moon sign for some date-planning guidance. Here’s how to start.

Aries Moon: Go To A Carnival.
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For people with an Aries moon, the worst-case scenario is a boring date. So if you want to have a good time, definitely skip the coffee or drinks date. Instead, plan for something a touch more exciting that still leaves room for some impulsivity. The best option? A date at the carnival.

The fair is a classic date for a reason. Ask anyone: The Ferris wheel is romantic. Plus, this option still leaves some space for spontaneous date decisions: what ride you’ll go on next, whether or not you’ll try to win a fish, and what kind of fast food you want. For an Aries moon, there’s nothing better.

Taurus Moon: Try A New Restaurant.
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Routine is everything to a Taurus moon, so their ideal date won’t involve any huge deviations from their normal day-to-day life. Instead, for this moon sign, the best game plan is to plan a date around that routine. That’s why opting for a dinner date at a restaurant you’ve never tried before is ideal.

Sure, it’s not the most exciting date in the world, but it can still be a fun way to get out. Plus, it’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re with.

Gemini Moon: Get Lost On Purpose.
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People with their moon in Gemini value their freedom over pretty much everything else. That said, a tightly scheduled date won’t work for them — no matter how fun the plan is. Instead, a Gemini moon would prefer to take a long, meandering walk with no destination in mind.

Getting lost on purpose isn’t for everyone, but for those with their moon in Gemini, there’s no better way to spend a day — especially if they get to do it with their special someone.

Cancer Moon: Hit Up An Open Mic Night.
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People with their moon in Cancer are famously sensitive, so an ideal date for them would be one where they feel free to explore their more emotional side with zero judgment. That said, an open mic night is the perfect date spot for them.

Whether they’re listening to an acoustic version of “Wonderwall” or jumping up there to play one themselves, Cancer moons thrive in places that embrace the more sensitive side of life.

Leo Moon: Try A Wine & Paint Night.
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Leo moons typically thrive in creative environments, so keep that in mind when planning your next date night. Whether you opt for a DIY version of this artsy date or hit up your closest Paint ‘N Pour, a wine and paint night is the perfect way to tap into that artistic side, all while spending quality time with your SO.

Virgo Moon: Go To Trivia Night.
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As a general rule, Virgo moons love logic and value intelligence. So, it makes sense that they’re often huge fans of trivia — the more niche, the better. If your moon is in Virgo, plan your next date around a local trivia night.

You’ll probably win. And, even if you don’t, you’ll enjoy the intellectual challenge of an intense game.

Libra Moon: Host A Double Date Night.
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Libra moons value partnership very highly, so they’re huge fans of date night — and a double date night is even better. By inviting another couple join in on their date, those with their moon in Libra earn an extra opportunity to form connections, aka their favorite thing.

The one warning: Try to invite a couple that you already know pretty well. There’s nothing worse than a double date night where each couple has nothing to talk about with each other.

Scorpio Moon: Visit A Psychic.
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Going to a psychic might not be up everyone’s alley, but Scorpio moons love an opportunity to embrace their emotions on a deep level. Seeking out intense experiences as a form of catharsis is one of their favorite things. Plus, this can be a fun experience even if you and your date don’t completely buy into the magic and manifestation.

Sagittarius Moon: Go On A Mini Road Trip.
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For people with their moon in Sagittarius, freedom is everything, so they relish any chance they get to explore. Really, for a Sagittarius moon, there’s nothing better than open road. So mini road trips are the perfect way for these moon signs to get to know their date — and have a really fun time while they’re at it.

Just make sure to time this date around traffic patterns, which would definitely put a damper on this outing’s romantic vibe.

Capricorn Moon: Give Your Partner A Tour Of Your Favorite Place.
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Capricorn moons love feeling safe and secure, and they thrive when they’re comfortable around the familiar. That said, a great date idea for them is showing their partner their favorite place — whether that’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a part of town.

It’s an intimate date idea that is perfect for a couple looking to get to the next level. Just think of all the sweet stories and memories you can share with them.

Aquarius Moon: Play A ~Deep~ Card Game.
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People with their moon in Aquarius tend to feel a little out of touch with their more emotional side, which can make romantic relationships tricky. But you can easily target your date night activities to bring out a touch more sensitivity.

So on a date, try picking out a deep card game like We’re Not Really Strangers or Serena Kerrigan’s Let’s F*cking Date Deck and get ready to get emosh.

Pisces Moon: Watch A Rom-Com.
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Pisces moons are known for taking in the energy of the world around them, so spending the night surrounded by lovey-dovey romantic comedy energy is perfect for a date night. Whether you decide to Netflix and chill or go to the movie theater, watching a rom-com is one easy way to get in an amorous mood.

Plus, maybe the movie will give you some inspo for your next date night.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as much as who you’re with... but a date custom-made for your birth chart can only bring you two even closer.

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