50 Reasons Why 2014 Was The Perfect Year For You To Get Married

Wedding season might be over, but marriage is having a major moment right now. Brangelina tied the knot, same-sex marriage rights are on the rise and bridesmaids dresses have gotten much prettier now that Pinterest wedding boards are a thing.

This is great year to be married -- and there's little wonder as to why. There are so many reasons to celebrate your nuptials, the biggest comfort coming from the fact that you don't need to join Tinder to meet someone special.

And with the growing uncertainty surrounding the world's state of affairs, now, more than ever, we cherish the stability and fulfillment that comes from being married. There's never been a more fitting time to care deeply about someone other than yourself and to make that bond permanent.

The feeling of coming home to someone you love and who loves you right back will never -- ever -- get old.

Here are the 50 reasons why it's great to be married in 2014.

1. There's always someone around to explain the confusing parts of "House of Cards."

2. Two times the income to afford the new iPhone 6.

3. Dinner always feels like a date.

4. You don't have to endure that juice cleanse alone. (Trust us, it's worse listening to complaints than it is actually having to do it by yourself.)

5. For once, you've beaten Beyoncé at something: your relationship.

6. Having a permanent karaoke partner for an impromptu Sam Smith "Stay with Me" duo. (You can be Sam; I'll be Mary J. Blige.)

7. You have someone to assure you that you are beautiful, even when you feel like Katy Perry without makeup.

8. Two words: health insurance.

9. Your booty call is also your best friend... And that's not awkward.

10. You don't need to celebrate Valentine's Day seriously because every day is like it.

11. You have someone who will stand in the Trader Joe's line and do the grocery shopping on the days when you really can't even.

12. You no longer feel the daily pressure to go to the gym because, sex.

13. Sunday Night Football becomes synonymous with cuddling -- not a reason to ignore text messages.

14. You have someone to hold you when you're still crying over Joan Rivers' death.

15. You'll experience a new kind of experimentation that resumes post-college.

16. Sex fills the gluten-free void.

17. It's not alcoholism if there is someone drinking with you.

18. Your partner won't judge you, especially not for your lame excitement over the season finale of "The Bachelor."

19. Splitting the cost of rent. Everyone wins.

20. Ordinary activities, like getting dressed in the morning, feel more special because there's someone who appreciates them.

21. Back-rubs before bedtime. Intimacy is just more intimate.

22. Someone is always cheering you on, supporting you and counting down the seconds until you break that glass ceiling.

23. You're living your teen idol fantasy of being Cory and Topanga.

24. Being total kids together, like role-playing "High School Musical" or watching "The Lego Movie."

25. You're not the only one that doesn't want to go out on a Friday night. And now you have someone to stay in with you as well.

26. A permanent date for all those family events and weddings.

27. Ashton + Mila. George + Amal. Brad + Angelina. Marriage is very popular right now. You are a total trendsetter.

28. It's the fact we've all been waiting for: Married people have more sex.

29. Someone who will hilariously entertain your irrational fear of Ebola, and then assure you that it's just a bug bite.

30. Your interests expand, as his cares become yours.

31. You're more worried about protecting your spouse than you are about using protection.

32. Someone who will pull the covers over you when it's cold in bed at night.

33. Knowing at least one person cares when you're having a bad day at work. And knowing that you can vent about it when the day is over.

34. There is no longer the threat of breaking up when you demand more sexy text messages.

35. Someone to taste-test all your saved food blog recipes!

36. Someone who will commiserate with you when you get sad about Robin Williams.

37. Sharing milestones together -- like  the 15th anniversary of "American Pie".

38. Feeling proud every time you bring your spouse home to Mom and Dad.

39. Walking through Central Park is way more enjoyable when you have a hand to hold.

40. Someone to try weed condoms with!

41. ...Or who at least will validate your high thoughts.

42. Movies are more fun because you have someone to discuss them with on the way home.

43. Two people doing chores > one.

44. Taking more time to care for yourself simply because someone else does.

45. Never going on a dating website or filling out a romance survey or swiping through unattractive profiles ever again.

46. Having someone to annoy about the real human threat that is global warming.

47. Sharing good music together is one of your favorite activities.

48. Your life actually resembles a romantic comedy. And you don't hate it.

49. Debating every new Lay's potato chip flavor like it's the presidential election.

50. Despite all the things you can't control and all the things out of your reach, you feel grateful because having him means having it all.

Photo Courtesy: Ryder Evans