17 Of The Most Awkward Tinder Conversations You'll Ever Read

Do you guys know what Tinder is?

Of course you do! You're young, you're hip and you're desperate to find someone within a one-mile radius to bring home and contract a sexually transmitted disease from. YOLO!!!

In all seriousness, Tinder, the popular dating app, has become a legitimate (or so the company thinks) platform for many Millennials looking to find significant others.

While there have been a handful of success stories, there have been a crap load more fails, leading to some pretty hilarious conversations. Fortunately, the guys over at the "I Suck at Tinder" Tumblr have been kind enough to share some of these conversations with us. 

Here are 18 of the most awkward Tinder conversations you'll ever read:

The Inattentive


The Future Serial Killer

The Anti-Pescetarian My 6-Year-Old Cousin The Girl From "The Ring" Someone Most Likely DTF The Lonely Cat Man The Animal Rights Activist A Real Keeper! Dr. Evil The Ninja Mr. Naïve The Future Owners Of A Bed And Breakfast My Grandma Polly Want A Coffin? The Tyrannosaurus Rex Future Leader Of America My Theory On How The Other 95 Percent Of Tinder Conversations Go Down

Best of luck to all of those "Tinder lovers"!  For more Tinder fun, here are "The Different Types Of Creeps You Encounter On Tinder."

Images via I Suck At Tinder