Going Out On A Friday In Your Early 20s Vs. Your Late 20s, The Struggle Is Real

by Elite Daily Staff

Friday in your early 20s means one thing: Time. To. Get. Wasted.

Friday in your late 20s means something completely different: Time. To. Get. To. Bed.

Deciding whether to go out on a Friday night is a complicated decision. On the one hand, you want to party with your best friends. On the other hand, you want to party with your other best friends, pillow and blanket.

When you're in your early 20s, even though you might entertain the idea of staying in, deep down you knew it was never really a choice.

You're young, you've got some mileage left on your liver, and you can still pull off a tight spandex dress. Live it up while you can!

When you're in your late 20s, even though you might entertain the idea of going out, deep down you know you're not leaving your apartment.

You can't stand small talk, you haven't listened to Billboard Top 40 music since college, and the thought of dressing up for anything other than the 40,000 weddings you RSVP'd to actually terrifies you. Nope, slippers and big t-shirt time it is!

But not so fast. We're not going down without a fight. Here's "The Friday Night Decision" as told by your early 20s versus your late 20s:

Facebook invites, early 20s:

Looking forward to your best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend’s birthday party! IT’S ON.

Facebook invites, late 20s:

Whoa, someone actually made a Facebook invite for her 28th birthday party? Ignore. Doesn’t she know it’s all about Paperless Post these days?

Stamina, early 20s:

There is no such thing as "being too tired from work" to go out on Friday night when you're 22 and have more energy than an ADD-afflicted squirrel. You're like a human Red Bull and your wings are about to take flight.

Stamina (if we can call it that), late 20s:

Dancing in high heels, hopping from club to club and digesting copious amounts of alcohol all in one night?! Oh, to be young.

Motivation for going out in your early 20s:

You want to see and be seen in the heart of the scene. Everyone looks attractive to you, you're feeling confident in a killer outfit and drinking and partying is like second nature to you. Why wouldn't you go out tonight?

Motivation, late 20s:

Life is causing you to take up drinking again. A release is necessary and because you can't afford a prescription pill habit, alcohol will have to do.

The Drink, Early 20s:

People think your liver is made of metal the way you consume alcohol.

The Drink, Late 20s:

Anything that is taken straight up is just straight up vile.

Fear Of Missing Out, early 20s:

It's alive and real. There's no way you'd miss an Instagram opportunity.

FOMO, late 20s:

Do you even know what clubs are cool anymore? Wait, are you actually considering clubbing?

Being left alone is your favorite hobby.

The Outfit, Early 20s:

Less is better. Tighter is brighter. And anything neon will make you stand out.

The Outfit, Late 20s:

Remember the time you used to wear bandage mini skirts and sigh. Are shorts OK? Why do you feel like you haven’t been out in ages? (Because you haven’t).

The Group Chat, early 20s:

The group chat is getting more action than Kim Kardashian in a room full of basketball players.

The Group Chat, late 20s:

Your phone is only blowing up because all your friends’ boyfriends are busy so they want to go out tonight. You suggest staying in and watching “27 Dresses” and binging on Chinese. That sounds like a ton of fun to you!

Friday, 5:00 pm, early 20s:

OK, what do you need to get accomplished before the night begins? Gym, mani, hair and dinner. Ugh, life is so tough sometimes!

Friday, 5:00 pm, (late 20s):

Yay! Dinner to look forward to!

The Pregame, Early 20s

Quite possibly even better than the actual party.

The Pregame, Late 20s

Who needs to go out when you’ve got a perfectly good couch? Sometimes you think you could be a professional chiller and just chill all day…

The Venue, Early 20s:

Preferably one that has loud house music, seizure-inducing lights and watered-down drinks. Perrrrfect.

The Venue, Late 20s:

Wine bar? Low-key rooftop? Or your personal favorite, your bed?

2:00 am, early 20s:

Penis or pizza?

2:00 am, late 20s:


Photo Courtesy: We Heart It