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These 9 Punny Couples Costumes Will Have You Howling This Halloween

Howling — get it?

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The last few years have been… well, challenging, to put it lightly. A pandemic, an insurrection, wildfires, and floods — we’ve truly seen it all. But if anything can turn our collective frown upside down this fall, it’s a good pun and a bit of spooky Halloween spirit, I say. Which is where these adorably punny couples costumes come into play.

Maybe you’ve been dying to dress like a giant fried egg all year, or waiting for the perfect occasion to wear a waffle purse! Maybe you want to spice up your life with actual spices! Maybe you just want an excuse to wear that silky, shimmery, champagne-colored number you bought for a special occasion back in 2020 before moths consume it whole! Whatever the case may be, these costumes will have you and your S.O. looking fine (and funny — in the best way possible.)

From deviled eggs to Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Spice Girls and champagne toasts to Freudian slips, ‘90s raps, and Taco Belle — here are nine adorably silly costume ideas for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend this Halloween, if you’re feeling particularly punny. They’re sure to have your friends howling (get it?!) with laughter.

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Party Fowl / Foul

As in a couple of partying birds and/or a socially unacceptable act at a party (think of a “party foul” as, like, knocking over your pal’s drink or spilling beer on your roommate’s dress).

For this look, you and your partner get to dress like literal chickens at a birthday party (the dream!) — pom-pom-topped party hats, feathers, and all. You can even wear a chicken beak face mask, because yes, those are indeed a thing.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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If you’ve ever thought, “I’d love to wear an adorable dress on Halloween while my partner is dressed like a giant waffle, but how do the two connect?!” Worry not, friends. I’ve got an idea for you.

À la the timeless Audrey Hepburn film, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, one of you can dress as Holly Golightly (the film’s protagonist) or as a bright blue Tiffany’s box (with a white bow and everything!), while the other dresses like, well, breakfast items. Waffles, bacon, eggs — whatever you fancy! It’s a high-brow, low-brow couple’s costume that your friends will find deliciously hilarious.

Deviled Eggs

In the theme of breakfast foods, you and your S.O. could also dress as deviled eggs. Not the kind you serve at festive spring luncheons, though — eggs that are actual devils. Like, with horns and stuff.

You two can either wear egg t-shirts (like the ones above) and swishy red shorts and skirts or don full-on red dresses and fried egg pullovers — it’s up to you! Just don’t forget your pitchfork.

Champagne Toast

OK, one more breakfast joke, bear with me. If eggs and waffles aren’t your vibe, but you’re still looking for a costume that allows one of you to wear a sexy dress and forces (er, encourages) the other to dress as something you’d eat first thing in the morning, why not go out as a “champagne toast?”

You can clink glasses all night long in a slinky, effervescent cocktail dress and, well, a giant wearable piece of toast (one that could easily be created with a well-cut piece of cardboard and some Sharpie, IMO). Cheers!

Taco Bell / Belle

We’ve graduated to lunchtime, y’all, and now tacos are on the menu. Specifically, Taco Bell. No, no, not like the fast food chain. Bell as in Tinker. Or she of Beauty and the Beast fame.

For these outfits, one of you gets to dress as a giant taco while the other dresses as a Disney character (either Tinker Bell or Belle from Beauty and the Beast, depending on whether you’d prefer to rock lime green or yellow!).

Wherever you land, you two will surely be the (taco) belles of the ball.

Ice Ice Baby

All right, stop! Collaborate and listen. Ice is back... with a brand new idea for your Halloween costume.

If you and your S.O. are fans of ‘90s rap and DIY projects, this costume was made for you. All you need is a white t-shirt, some iron or sew-on letters, and a cute babydoll dress (plus a bonnet and pacifier, for good measure!). Just iron or sew the letters “ICE ICE” onto a t-shirt, throw on an infantile ensemble, and boom, you two are good to go.

Bonus points if you both dress as ice and are accompanied by an actual baby (or baby doll — way easier for both you and the baby).

Spice Girls

If Vanilla Ice isn’t quite your vibe, but you’re still looking to celebrate ‘90s music in a punny way, why not dress as the Spice Girls for Halloween? As in the literal spice girls — like cinnamon and paprika, not Sporty and Scary. If you want to add a dash (pun 1000% intended) of Baby or Ginger Spice to your outfit, though, pull on a mini skirt and a pair of groovy go-go boots to really pull the look together.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a more economical way to rock this costume, just create a paper name tag that says, “Cinnamon” or “Pumpkin Spice” and throw it onto a red dress!

Freudian Slip

What is a Freudian slip, you ask? By definition, it’s “a mistake made in speaking by which, it is thought, the speaker inadvertently reveals unconscious motives, desires, etc” — a term coined by famed neurologist Sigmund Freud. But, like, it could also be a Halloween costume in which one of you dresses as the aforementioned neurologist (stuffy blazer, faux beard) and the other wears a saucy little slip dress.

You could easily find a few elements of this costume at your local thrift store, too.

Jingle Bell Rock

Last but certainly not least, a little nod to the festive season with Jingle Bell Rock. Though, this one’s got a twist.

You and your S.O. can dress as literal jingle bells (featuring an ugly Christmas sweater, obvs) and an actual rocker. Like, rock ‘n roll, Get Him To The Greek type of rocker. Just throw on a band t-shirt and some leather pants or ripped jeans, grab an inflatable guitar, and have your partner string a few bells around their neck. You’re ready to celebrate virtually any holiday.

No matter which punny costume y’all choose, you and your partner are sure to give your friends pumpkin to talk about this Halloween.

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