Your Favorite Drink Could Predict How Many Problems You'll Have In Your Relationship

by Candice Jalili

The kind of alcohol you choose to drink says a lot about who you are as a person. Beer drinker? You can kick it in a pair of jeans and a tee while you watch your favorite sports game. Wine drinker? See you at The Bachelor fantasy draft. Vodka drinker? See you on stage at Marquee this Thursday night. Whiskey drinker? See you smoking a cigar at a men's only club with your squad. Rum drinker? See you on spring break with all 18 of your closest friends. What's more, though? Your favorite drink might also predict future problems in a relationship, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by RecoveryFirst, surveyed 500 Americans on their drinking habits and their relationship to find out how your drinking habits affect your romantic relationships. In addition to finding out that almost HALF of dudes (46 percent) admitted to drinking before first dates, while only 36 percent of women said the same, the study also looked into how many relationship problems people who drank different kinds of alcohol reported having. They divided each kind of alcohol into its own category and reported how many of its drinkers had either "some," "none," or "many" problems within their relationships.

Read along and find out how many problems you might be able to expect in your relationship, based on your favorite drink.

Rum Drinkers


Rum drinkers, I come baring some pretty tough news. You are tied with tequila drinkers for potentially having the most problems in your relationship. You see, 31 percent of rum drinkers in this study reported having "many" problems with their relationship. Luckily, the larger majority (66 percent) of you only admitted to having "some" problems within your relationship. And still, only a minuscule 3 percent of rum drinkers said they had absolutely no problems, which I'm going to take at face value, because, hey, who has a perfect relationship?

Vodka Drinkers


Vodka drinkers! Hi! What's up? I'm one of you! I love myself a good vodka soda. And in terms of my relationship, that's not such a bad thing, apparently. Only 23 percent of vodka drinkers reported having "many" problems within their relationships. On the other hand, while 73 percent had "some," and 4 percent reported having none at all.

Tequila Drinkers


Ah, tequila drinkers. I used to be one of you many moons ago. You, my friends, are unfortunately tied with rum drinkers for the most problems within your relationship, with 31 percent reporting "many" relationship problems. That being said, a MUCH larger 77 percent said they only had "some" problems within their relationship. But somehow, 6 percent reported absolutely zero problems at all (liars).

Wine Drinkers


Bust out the bottle of Chardonnay, wine drinkers, because it's time to CELEBRATE. Wine drinkers boasted the least amount of people reporting "many" problems in their relationship, with only 19 percent. Then, a larger 72 percent of those surveyed only had "some" relationship problems. But wait, it gets even better. A solid 9 percent admitted to having no relationship problems at all. How do you guys do it?

Beer Drinkers


All right, beer drinkers. Time to toss back a cold one and check out how well you're going to do in a relationship. Almost a quarter beer drinkers surveyed (24 percent), unfortunately, admitted to having "many" relationship problems. That being said, a much larger 65 percent said they only had "some" problems.But the best part of all? A whopping 12 percent of you reported having no problems at ALL.

Whiskey Drinkers


Ah, my classy, refined whiskey drinkers. I wish I was as cool as you are, but alas, I can't have a sip of your drink of choice without holding back my own throw up. But I digress.

How does your drink of choice affect your relationship? Well, a substantial 23 percent of whiskey drinkers admitted to having "many" relationship problems. But an even more substantial 60 percent only reported "some" problems. However, ALMOST 20 PERCENT OF YOU (16 percent, to be exact) ADMITTED TO HAVING NO PROBLEMS AT ALL WITHIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. That's the highest number of people reporting no relationship problems in the whole study! TIME TO TOSS BACK A MANHATTAN AND CELEBRATE, AMIRIGHT?!

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Drinkers


According to the study, not drinking alcohol doesn't necessarily correlate to having no relationship problems. Almost 30 percent of non-drinkers admitted to having "many" relationship problems. An even larger 57 percent only reported relationship problems sometimes, though a noticeably substantial 14 percent admitted to actually never having problems. Yay for that 14 percent!

So the main takeaway I'm getting here? Maybe I should start drinking whiskey.

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