Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's astrological compatibility is complicated.
Harry & Meghan’s Astrological Compatibility Is All About Balance & Romance

Those Venus-ruled moon signs are everything.

by Rosey Baker and Hannah Kerns
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship has had its fair share of challenges. From falling in love in 2016 to stepping back from the royal family in 2020, it hasn’t been the simplest fairytale. Through it all, however, the couple has managed to support each other, keeping a united front again and again. It’s clear that the couple has something special — fortunately, Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, coming on Dec. 8, promises to share more details of their love story. But even without a docuseries, a closer look at Harry and Meghan’s astrological compatibility reveals why they work so well together.

Harry was born September 15, making him a Virgo, and Markle was born August 4, making her a Leo. Though these two signs aren’t the most compatible on the surface — earth and fire signs often don’t mix — the rest of Harry and Meghan’s birth charts give their pairing the stability it needs to flourish. The couple’s rising signs help them learn from each other, while their moon signs keep romance in the air.

Although Harry and Meghan’s zodiac signs aren’t the picture of astrological compatibility, it’s clear they’ve aced the challenges of long-term partnership. With two children and a charitable foundation, this couple is proof that the stars don’t determine everything — even if their Venus-ruled moon signs have given them an extra boost. Ahead, all the details on Harry and Meghan’s zodiac sign compatibility.

Sun Signs: Leo & Virgo
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Even though fire (Leo) and earth (Virgo) are so different, these two actually work well together. “They may not necessarily look like the most compatible pair at first glance. Earth and fire aren't always elements that pair well, but Harry and Meghan each have qualities that the other lacks, which allows them to learn a lot from each other,” astrologer Chelsea Jackson explains.

“Harry's detail-oriented, communicative Virgo sun centers logic and productivity, while Meghan's Leo sun is all about embodying confidence, authority, and leadership,” Jackson tells Elite Daily. “Leo enjoys flourishing in the limelight, while Virgo prefers to work dutifully behind the scenes.” But as long as these two are willing and open to learning from each other, they can make a strong pair.

Rising Signs: Cancer & Capricorn
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Meghan and Harry’s rising signs are polar opposites, but that might not be a bad thing. “Meghan's Cancer rising is the exact opposite of Harry's Capricorn rising, but in astrology, opposites are far more similar and complementary than dissimilar,” Jackson explains. “Meghan's Cancer rising seeks emotional security and comfort in everything she does, while Harry's Capricorn rising prioritizes structure, stability, and achievement.”

Their differences can actually help their romance — and family life — be more harmonious. “Commonly referred to as the mom and dad of the zodiac, Cancer and Capricorn create the perfect home archetype — Cancer risings create a home that's familiar, nurturing, and safe, while Capricorn risings are all about creating boundaries and upholding discipline,” Jackson explains. “Together, Harry and Meghan are able to establish a home where neither emotional support nor practicality is neglected, which can create the ultimate balance.”

Moon Signs: Libra & Taurus
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Meghan and Harry’s moon signs are where things get really interesting and romantic. “Harry and Meghan both have Venus-ruled moon signs, which makes them both incredibly romance-oriented,” Jackson says. “Harry's Taurus moon seeks safety, comfort, and security in relationships, and is cautious to any sudden changes that may disrupt his solace, while Meghan's social, creative Libra moon aims to treat everyone she encounters as an equal, and is prepared to resolve conflict effortlessly.”

According to Jackson, both “prioritize pleasure, peace, and connection in all of their endeavors.” There won't be much fighting between these two. Even when there are disagreements, the couple will strive to be civil. “Sharing Venus-ruled moon signs, these two rarely engage in heated conflict or discourse, and likely approach challenges from the perspective of being on the same side, instead of as opponents,” Jackson adds.


Chelsea Jackson, astrologer

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