Hilarious Video Of Parents Reading Daughters' Tinder Messages Will Have You Screaming


We all have probably had that nightmare of our parents walking in on us having sex or, even worse, walking in our PARENTS having sex.

Ew, don't think about it.

But in today's dating landscape, filled to the brim with outrageous dating apps and social media outlets, we millennials have literally hundreds of new, bizarre ways to get caught with our pants down (metaphorically speaking).

In a hilarious BuzzFeed video, parents pop in to take a peek at their daughters' iPhones and read some of the more, um, incriminating Tinder messages they've received from the potential suitors out there.

And boy, oh, boy, did these poor moms and dads not know what they were getting themselves into. Their poor responses are absolutely hilarious.

You see these girls' parents' emotions bounce from sheer disappointment...


To bemusement... utter speechlessness.


But the most adorable takeaway of this video is how much these parents could not grasp how these kinds of conversations could possibly be the first interactions their daughters have with a total stranger.

Toward the beginning of the video, one mom asked right off the bat, "You've never talked to these people, and this is the first thing out of their mouth?"

And I mean, once you put it like that, it DOES seem kind of outrageous.

For example, one guy asked one of the daughters, "Do you like dragons? Because I'll be dragon my **** across your face." Your what? Your balls?! Your dick?! There are so many things to drag!

See what I mean, though?

For us daughters, over time, we learned it is our duty as children to hide any evidence of sexuality, desire or romantic relationships from our parents because God forbid they find out we are normal, sexual human beings.

After living with my boyfriend for three months, my parents still had us sleep in different rooms when we came to visit them.

Eventually, they came around, but you get the picture: Parents just can't handle seeing their children do or talk about things that are... well... definitely not suitable for children (even when we're all grown-ass adults).

Some of the best parent quotes from the video include, "This is horrid," "I hate this" and the most profound, "Mmm, no."


Well, at least we know our parents will always love us no matter what, right?

Ah, parents. You gotta love them.

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