Today Is National Cuffing Off Day, So It’s Officially Time To Be Single

by Candice Jalili

It is FINALLY April 7th, which means it's NATIONAL CUFFING OFF DAY!

Close your eyes and think back to last July when you and all your friends were single. You were all living it up and casually hooking up with whoever you so pleased.

Then all of the sudden, September happened. One of those casual hook-up buddies slowly but surely eliminated the rest of his competition.

Before you knew it, everyone you knew (maybe even including yourself) was cuffed.

Fun nights out were suddenly swapped for cozy nights in with ~bae~, and all dating apps were deleted from phones.

But my friends, it's time to rejoice because cuffing season is over once and for all.

So why does April 7 — of all days— mark the end of cuffing season?

Well, having BAE was all nice and (let's be real here) convenient when it was blizzard-ing outside, and you needed a warm body to stay in and watch movies with you.

But it's April, and the sun is SHINING again. There's no need to stay in with anyone — you want to be out and about, playing the field like it's your dang job.

National Cuffing Off Day is a chance to step back and re-evaluate. Is the person you got with during cuffing season a person you could really see yourself bringing to Easter brunch with Mom, Dad and the whole gang?

Or is this person just someone who successfully managed to keep your bed warm for the colder months of the year?

Also, if you're in college, can we TALK about spring break for a second? Why in the WORLD would you want to be cuffed during the most fun week in the world to be single?!

If you're not in college, MDW is right around the corner and that's the equivalent of your spring break. Do you wanna be making plans for a couples' get away with bae, or do you want to go get wasted with your friends and dance on tables?!

It's time to do some deciding. No more wasting your time with someone... unless you, like, REALLY want to be with them.

My boyfriend and I started ~officially~ dating during cuffing season, and — I'm not gonna lie — I have no intention of breaking up with him. If anything, National Cuffing Off Day REINFORCED how much I love him.

The thought of bringing him home for Easter doesn't make me wanna vom, and he's the only one I'd wanna be making out with on any spring break booze cruise.

So now, it's your turn to think: Has National Cuffing Off Day reinforced your love for bae, or has it made you excited for the chance to break free?