How To Embrace Cuffing Season When You're Single AF

Being single is a true art form these days. It went from, “Be single and live it up!” to, “Oh, you're still single?” and, “I know someone who would be great for you.”

A few years ago, we were told it was a good thing to be single, and now, we're in this phase of our lives where it's just not. People feel sorry for you or want to hook you up with their cousin's best friend's cousin, when all you really want to do is go home after work, pour yourself a glass of wine and wait for the premiere of the "Gilmore Girls" revival.

As a self-proclaimed perpetually-single-for-the-rest-of-my-life gal, I have gone through my fair share of ups and downs with my single status. One day all I want to do is be mushy and in love and the next day I want to freely flirt with every boy I see and never have to answer to just one human being for the rest of my life.

It's a double-edged sword most of the time, but like the great Pat Benatar said, "Love is a battlefield."

In reality, though, being single is a battlefield. You're not only fighting off fuckboys and wannabes, but you have to constantly fight off the people who want to “help” you.

I appreciate the compassion and concern, but can we just accept the fact being single is actually NOT that bad. It's actually pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. Sure, a date would be nice or a SO to hang out with from time to time, but if you really think about it, having to hold a convo with someone every day or having to actually look cute for more than 50 percent of your life is just a feat I'm not sure I'm willing to put up with.

So what does every single guy or gal dread? Cuffing season.

Cuffing season is wrong on so many levels, from the way it was started to the way it was termed and everything in between. But, nonetheless, it is very much real and it is very much annoying to us single folk. The cute pumpkin patch pics and couple costumes are great for you, and trust me we are all so happy for you, but this is just another daily reminder of how single we truly are.

I've caught myself telling my friends I'm feeling “lonely” or “a boyfriend would be nice” during cuffing season. We've all been there, and it sucks, but we can overcome it. We just lived it the fuck up a month ago, and now we're going to sit here and sulk because we don't have someone to hold our hands through a haunted maze? I don't think so. *Cher Horowitz voice*

How do we get over the fact that we are single in the season coined for relationships? Well, clear your schedules, people, because you're about to get busy.

Fall is a time for activities, and whoever said you can't go apple picking without a SO was seriously disturbed. This is not the time to sit at home and scroll through Instagram wishing it was you in the pictures.

Go out and pick those pumpkins, girl! Drink some apple cider, head out to an Oktoberfest, do it all. Make a fall bucket list and actually complete it. When you realize you can start doing things on your own or with -- shocker -- all your other single friends, that feeling of loneliness will just magically disappear.

You don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy cuffing season. Go ahead and cuff yourself because you're about to have the best fall of your life.

Being single is supposed to be about having fun. So, start having fun! Talk to new people, do activities you wouldn't normally do, drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing a winter green jacket without anyone calling you basic. When you stop worrying about being single and enjoy your life, you'll see all the fun you can have.

Some days will certainly be better than others, but it's time we stop shaming and hiding ourselves just because we're single, especially now. When you start to dive into a world where you're doing things for you, those things will love you right back. The experiences and fun you have will last forever, and these things are all yours.

So, get the sweaters out and put down the dating apps. Just be you, just be single and have so much fun!