Athlete Accidentally Thanks His Wife And Girlfriend On TV In Cringeworthy Video


Everyone knows preparation is key before giving any sort of speech.

But apparently, a Ghanian soccer player named Mohammed Anas never got that memo.

While he made sure not to leave out any special names during his post-game interview, the 22-year-old may have said one too many when he thanked both his wife and his girlfriend.

Yikes, man.

In the cringeworthy video circulating the internet, Anas can be seen discussing his recent "man of the match" award due to his impressive two goals scored during the Free State-Cape Town game in South Africa.

After repeatedly expressing how appreciative he is of his fans and their dedication, he moved on to thank his loving wife... and without taking a breath, he included his girlfriend in that brief list.

Almost immediately, he looked up and stared directly into the camera in sheer panic.


He began stuttering, clearly flustered, and it remains unclear if the beads of sweat on his forehead were from running on the soccer field or because he knew the ass-kicking he was about to get when he crawled home later.

"Thank you very much for giving me this," Anas said to the reporter about the award he received that night.

"I appreciate my fans, also my wife and my girlfriend... I mean my wife. Sorry to say, I mean, my wife... I'm so sorry, my wife. I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart,” Anas said while giggling nervously, as he tried to cover his own ass, but failed miserably.

After his interview went viral almost immediately, the internet and all of its trolls had plenty of fun when it came to making fun of Anas and his unfortunate on-air flub:


He may still hold on to that "man of the match" title earned from his efforts in the game, but any reputation he had as a "real man" has probably gone straight out the window.

I can hear the sound of divorce papers being signed right now.

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