Men Reveal The Craziest Ways Women Pressured Them Into Serious Relationships

Serious relationships should be taken, well, IDK, seriously.

When two people first get together, it's very common that the individual partners move at different paces. Usually, it involves some sort of "waiting it out" period for one person or a "we're rushing it" sensation for the other.

Ideally, two hearts move as one, but let's be real. It's 2017. True love is kind of a dying trend, and dating is more impersonal than ever.

That idea probably inspired one Reddit user to ask men this question: "How have women tried to pressure you into making a relationship more serious?"

Plenty of men responded, and their answers range from expected to totally outrageous and manipulative.

Check out all the ways women got their way:

Hint: There is a LOT of manipulation involved...

...and some pretty wild ultimatums.

Other women went to some TOTAL extremes.

Of course, all bets are off whenever a determined lady gets drunk.

And then, there's this adorable boyfriend, who I wouldn't let get away either.

Sure, it's hard to justify a lot of these, but YOU CAN'T FIGHT TRUE LOVE! You know what I mean?

Ladies, next time you're in something for the long haul, and you want to make it known, do what I do: Rehearse the conversation in your head while showering, and then, passive aggressively make your mom bring up marriage at Thanksgiving.

Sure, it hasn't worked yet, but that's just because it hasn't been meant to be.

Right? Guys?