Men Reveal The Extremely Normal Things They Never Knew About Women Until Dating One

by Jamie LeeLo

Ah. women. You can't live with them, but you can't exist without them. Literally.

Everyone knows men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and as much as we are all the same species, there are some glaring blind spots we all have when it comes to the opposite sex.

Women, in particular, have specific roles and expectations pushed on them since birth, and it's only when you get to know one intimately that you find out what she's really all about.

One Reddit user tested this concept by asking the question, "What things you wouldn't have guessed about women, until you started dating?"

Let's just say these guys' answers are hilariously naive and oh-so-silly:

Most of them were surprised to find out that, OH, YEAH, we have to wipe EVERY TIME we use the restroom.

Some were shocked to find out our hygiene isn't always better than that of your average farm animal.

Specifically, long hair really freaks these guys out.

Some men were caught off guard by the way women ACTUALLY feel about sex.

A few had some hang ups with the way women argue or communicate.

But weirdly enough, there is at least one man out there who gets us.

Somehow, I always find myself saying this, but women are people, too, guys!

The sooner we can all start to accept us women as equal smelly, hairy, horny, normal creatures, the quicker we can all get along and live happily smelly after in harmony.

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