Men Reveal Their Favorite Style Of Wedding Dress


I was scrolling through old photos on my phone the other day in the presence of my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for a year and have talked about marriage with casually.

All of a sudden, I discovered a photo I thought I deleted — or at least uploaded onto my computer and saved it in a folder called “embarrassing stuff I hope nobody sees.” But there I was in the photo, standing up tall in a wedding dress.

I've never been engaged before, but I have, of course, imagined what my dream wedding dress would look like.

The very first time I was a bridesmaid, I went to pick up my bridesmaid dress from a bridal shop in my town. My mom was with me, and we spotted this gorgeous wedding dress that made my heart race and my eyes bulge. I was super single then, but my mom made me try it on, and I did.

When I showed my boyfriend the picture of me in my dream wedding dress, he kindly said, “I don't love it.”

This statement was equal parts annoying, but equal parts good to hear because it saved me the expensive hassle of buying a $3,500 dress that he'd see on our potential wedding day and not feel crazy about.

That experience got me thinking about what kinds of dresses guys imagine their bride-to-be will wear on their wedding day. Here is commentary from six guys on what they hope their fiancée will wear on the big day:

1. Mermaid style

— Kyle B., 27

2. Something sexy

— Ray F., 23

3. Crop top

— Mike R., 31

4. Nothing princess-y

— Brendan W., 26

5. See-through lace

— Adam C., 31

6. Body-hugging

— Chris Z., 28