The 5 Foolproof Ways To Meet Your Next Spring Hookup Buddy

Spring has sprung (sort of... hello, weather?) which means it's mating season, people.

Everyone is emerging from their winter slumbers to stretch their little baby butterfly arms and blink their little baby butterfly eyes, and see what there is to see... as well as WHO there is to see.

This time of year is my favorite to be single because there are so many great opportunities to meet new people and soar into summer, riding on the back of spring fever.

If you're like me, winter might have left you feeling a little antisocial, trying to remember what it's like to be a normal human being, but you ALSO might be horny AF.

I mean HELLOOOOOooooO?! Where have we all been? NOT having sex but DEFINITELY eating Chinese take-out. That's where.

Here are some ways that you haven't thought of yet to shake up your dating life and meet a new hookup buddy:

Use the old friend-of-a-friend trick.

Sunny weather means awesome outdoor parties, rooftop get-togethers and picnic brunches. Throw a BBQ, keep the invite list open for guests to bring friends and see if you can wrangle up some interesting, charismatic potentials.

People sometimes feel lame if they ask a friend to set them up with somebody because it looks like they can't do the hard work themselves, but you guys, get over it! Who better to introduce you to someone great than your best friends?


Whether it's work pals, intramural sports teammates or carpool buds, come one, come all, and let's all weirdly assess one another's compatibility rates over hot dogs and light beers.

It's kind of insane what a little Vitamin D can do for one's complexion (helloooo, freckles and rosy cheeks!).

Groupon some new activities.

I'm, like, a BIG fan of doing a weird activity that requires a special registration and also comes with a discount. In the winter, we're often limited to drinking, drinking and more drinking, unless you get ambitious and throw a ski trip in there.

And sure, this is great if drinking is your thing, but spring time offers you an opportunity to stretch your hatching baby bird wings! Use this literal season of rebirth to try out new stuff, which will, by nature, lend itself to you meeting new, interesting individuals you wouldn't normally meet.

And no, I don't just mean "taking up chess." There are some crazy things out there, from tightrope-walking classes to drunk horror city tours, and both of those sound like a damn fun bonding experience if you ask me.

Rally some of your single friends and pick something with great ratings, easy access and lots of people your age.

Whoever said you couldn't find true love while learning how to juggle in Central Park is someone I don't want to meet.

Try a more niche dating app.

Beyond the usuals (like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble and stalking people on Instagram) there are some really unique, specialized dating apps out there full of weird and pretty specific ways to meet people like you.

For example, newer apps like Hater (which matches you with someone based on similar dislikes) are playful, exciting and already weed out the masses by offering you a pool of people who have also thought outside of the dating app box.

Use the longer days to browse potential hookups for even longer nights (wink wink). Boosts in sunlight will peak your energy levels, leaving you raring to go for any special "hey, u up?" DMs.


Just, you know, stick to the standard rules. Meet in a public location, let your friends know where you are and include a picture that looks like you IRL.

Get fit.

I hate to say it, but fitness is in these days. I know, I don't know how we let this happen either, but here we all are.

Twerking out is — unfortunately or fortunately — a great way to meet some hunky hunks while everyone's bods are looking their best, and this time of year the gyms are packed.

Capitalize on everyone getting "bikini bod ready" and stretch your literal muscles and mating muscles.

Working up a sweat and a good flirt at the gym, pool, rock wall, etc. are surefire ways to have you feeling confident and bumping biceps with new hotties with great bodies.


Travel to nearby weekend getaway locations.

Warmer weather is an awesome excuse to pack up the car, roll down the windows and get out for a little while.

Picking a nearby town allows you to meet new people without adding an unrealistic distance between any potential crushes.

Look for areas with lakes, vineyards, a quaint downtown or loads of nature, as they all are all going to have some sort of attraction bringing people to town without being an overwhelming tourist hub.

Plus, if you're in a destination area, you'll probably run into other groups of individuals who are there looking for a good time!

Do a little research in advance for the local hot spots, pack a feel-good outfit and go see the world.

More than anything, push yourself to try new stuff, go to new places and meet new people.

There's no rule that says we can't all be secretly living in our own individual rom-com, and who's to say you won't accidentally touch lips with a stranger while reaching for the same water fountain at that new tennis court/amusement park/aquarium?


Go get 'em.