Where Are You Going To Meet Your Soulmate? (Quiz)

My gorgeously singles sifting through life solo, I know that navigating the dark and stormy waters of the cruel, cold world can feel unbearably isolating some days. You've proven to us that you can weather the storm alone.

We respect and admire your fierce independence more than you can imagine. We know that your autonomy is everything to you and totally are thrilled that you've cultivated a deep and loving relationship with yourself.

But guess what? You're allowed to crave love, baby. It's part of the human experience to have a thirst for partnership. It doesn't make you weak and it doesn't make you lame and it doesn't make you prissy, babe. You've done the hard work and it's time you treated yourself to some sweet, consistent love (and sex).

But let's get real -- it feels almost impossible to meet someone you can stand for two minutes, let alone someone you could possibly fall in love with, isn't it?

And Tinder, don't get me started on Tinder. Tinder is almost always one massive disappointment that will make you lose faith in not just love, but humanity. If you don't end up getting catfished, you usually end up on a sour ass date with a fuckboy or fuckgirl and the whole experience is just a waste of your precious time.

Well, the disappointing dates end today, kittens. Because I've taken several hours out of my precious day to "throw together" this fab, chic quiz that will help you find the perfect place to meet the love of your life. Because honestly, who the hell meets a soulmate in the club anymore? And don't we all prefer to meet IRL than online anyway?

Don't fret, my beautiful darlings, because this quiz will show you exactly where you need to scurry off to this evening. Take this quiz and you will learn that true love comes in the most likely places. So brush your damn hair and head to the location I personally picked out for single you.