LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JULY 10: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are seen in attendance during the...

Kourtney & Travis Were Too Busy Making Out To Say Hi To Fans


by Candice Jalili
Jeff Bottari/UFC/Getty Images

Kravis has already made it *abundantly* clear that they’re both suckers for some good, old-fashioned PDA. And one report seems to confirm what fans have known for months now: the pair can’t keep their hands (or lips) off each other. According to a source who spoke with E! News on July 26, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's kisses were apparently too distracting for them to be able to say hi to fans this past weekend.

Per E! News, Kardashian and Barker were reportedly spotted together at the Rosewood Miramar Beach resort in Montecito, California on July 24. One eyewitness, who was at the venue for a wedding, reportedly had this magnificent account to share: "Several wedding guests wanted a chance to talk to the couple, but the lovebirds looked happy and started to make out. They exited the patio area they were in and held hands while walking toward the beach." In other words, the two were apparently too busy making out to chat with fans. And I'm so here for it.

Speaking of weddings, Kardashian and Barker may be having their own soon. "Kourtney and Travis have talked about marriage," a source reportedly told E! News back on July 13. "They are in it for the long haul.” (The same source also reportedly adorably noted that "They are head over heels and never experienced love like this,” but that’s neither here nor there.)

Some fans are even convinced that Kardashian and Barker *already* tied the knot when they went to Las Vegas for the July 10 UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. And, TBH, they have two great pieces of evidence to back the theory up:

  • Exhibit A: Kardashian's stylist, Glen Coco, posted a shot of the couple in Vegas alongside this telling caption: “…NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas 💒🥲🖤 There’s nothing like love AND a good time 🥳.”

Interesting. Very interesting.