Kim Kardashian tried to sell her Yeezy shoes after Kanye West breakup.

Oof, Kim Tried To Sell Her Used Yeezy Shoes After Breaking Up With Kanye

Um, the shoes she got for... free?

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian already gave the world financial advice once (remember “Get your f*cking a** up and work”?), and now she’s back again with more tips. This time around, her actions speak louder than words, and it’s clear she’s dedicated to getting every possible dollar she can. On March 21, the billionaire (billionaire!) posted her shoes to Kardashian Kloset, her family’s version of Depop. That doesn’t sound too egregious, but there’s a reason fans are upset with the reality star. Kardashian tried to sell her Yeezy shoes — aka ones she got for free from ex Kanye West — for profit.

According to Page Six, Kardashian listed the used heels for $350 and $375 each — not to mention the $14.95 shipping fee. And Reddit was not happy. One Reddit user responded to the listing, “I don’t get my a** up everyday to go to work so I can buy her used shoes.” Others took issue with the fact that someone with so much wealth (a billion-plus, remember?!) is still trying to make a profit off of fans rather than giving the heels away for free. “She might be the greediest person on planet,” one wrote. Another commented, “selling stuff you’ve gotten for free when you’re already a ‘billionaire’ is so GROSS.”

Following the backlash, the site took down the listing. (And now the link leads to an error message.) Luckily, a Reddit post from March 18 has a screenshot.


Of course, it makes sense that Kardashian wanted to say goodbye to these heels. Besides the fact that they look extremely uncomfortable, there’s also her messy divorce with West to consider. Ever since West started posting about their breakup publicly, Kardashian has been putting some serious space between her and her ex (both legally and on the ’gram).

On March 2, she was declared legally single; a few days later, she ditched the last name “West” on Instagram. It seems like saying goodbye to these shoes might be the next step in her moving on process — but maybe giving them away to charity would have done more for her reputation?

Although plenty of people would be happy to walk a mile in Kardashian’s shoes, it seems like they’d prefer a different (see: free) pair.