Kim Kardashian removed "West" from her Instagram name shortly after being declared legally single.

Kim K Removed "West" From Her IG Name, And Is Reportedly Renaming KKW Beauty

She's headed in a new direction... and it's not west.

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After Kim Kardashian was declared legally singled on March 2, fans noticed a very important change in her social media profiles. According to reports, she was feeling “anxious about the future,” but Kim Kardashian did not hesitate to remove “West” from her Instagram and Twitter names. And that’s not the only rebrand she reportedly has planned to phase out her former surname.

Earlier in 2022, Elle reported that Kim may also be renaming her KKW Beauty to SKNN, noting that she already filed a trademark for the brand name back in 2021. The rebrand of her beauty company was initiated in March 2021 and later that same year in August, KKW Beauty announced on IG that the beauty brand was “away working on a new, more modern, elevated brand and customer experience — the way Kim has always envisioned.”

KKW Beauty has refrained from posting since this message was shared on Aug. 1, 2021. So, we may not see its return until the new name is officially signed and sealed.

Despite Kim feeling a little anxious after officially being named legally single, an inside source claimed “Kim is feeling a huge sense of relief now that she has been declared legally single,” the source told E! “She is very happy and feels she is one step closer to reclaiming her independence and being able to move on in her life.”

People reported that Kim is “relieved” and looking to work towards putting everything behind her and her ex-husband Kanye West. “Kim has considered herself single for a while," the source told the publication. “She is relieved that it's official though. She isn't looking back and wants everything about the divorce to be final.”

The source continued to explain that Kim’s “happiness” is also due to her children North, 8, and Chicago, 4, Saint, 6, and Psalm, 2. Reflecting on Kim’s IG post on Feb. 5, “From the beginning I have wanted nothing but a healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship because it is what is best for our children,” it seems like working out a co-parenting system with West is next on her list.

The priority for Ye is also their children, according to a March 2 statement from his attorney: “Ye is focusing his entire attention to their children.”

In Kim’s March 2022 cover story for Vogue, she made it a point to discuss her split from West. “For so long, I did what made other people happy,” she said. “And I think in the last two years I decided, I'm going to make myself happy. And that feels really good. Even if that created changes and caused my divorce, I think it's important to be honest with yourself about what really makes you happy. I've chosen myself. I think it's okay to choose you.”

It looks like Kim is turning over a new leaf and it’s exciting to hear she’s putting herself first.