On March 2, Kim Kardashian was declared legally single, but she reportedly still has mixed feelings ...

Kim Reportedly Has Mixed Feelings About Being Declared Legally Single

The divorce isn’t over yet…

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On March 2, Kim Kardashian was declared legally single. It was a victory for Kim’s divorce case, but per reports, she wasn’t quite ready to celebrate. Apparently, Kim is still feeling “anxious about the future” — which, considering how tumultuous her divorce with Kanye “Ye” West has been so far, makes total sense — “but [she] is very hopeful.”

A source claimed to E!, “Kim is feeling a huge sense of relief now that she has been declared legally single.” Per the insider, the Kardashians star reportedly feels a major sense of accomplishment having passed this milestone. “She is very happy and feels she is one step closer to reclaiming her independence and being able to move on in her life.”

Still, she does not necessarily expect the rest of their divorce to be smooth sailing. The source added that Kim knows that she and Ye “have many upcoming issues to work out” before the divorce is fully settled.

Yet Kim remains optimistic that she and Ye will be able to put their differences aside for their children. She “is hopeful they can get through it for the sake of the kids,” the source added. “She hopes the rest of the divorce process will be amicable and her and Kanye will be able to get through it peacefully.”

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And that’s the same message fans heard from Kim herself. Taking to Instagram on Feb. 5, Kim wrote of their divorce, “From the beginning I have wanted nothing but a healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship because it is what is best for our children.”

The source added to E! that Kim reportedly “only wishes the best” for Ye. Despite Kim’s well wishes, there’s no guarantee that Ye will take her new single status in stride. At this point, Ye has a history of commenting on their divorce on the ‘gram. Still, according to Ye’s new (and fourth) lawyer, Samantha Spector, there is a good reason for Kim to feel hopeful. Per Us Weekly, on March 2, his attorney’s statement read, “Ye is focusing his entire attention to their children.”

Here’s hoping that both Kim and Ye keep putting the needs of their kids first, and maybe take a second to pause before hitting “post.”