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Kim Kardashian finally responded to Shanna Moakler's claims she cheated.

Kim Finally Responded To Shanna's Claims She Cheated With Travis

Case closed.


Though she isn’t usually one to acknowledge gossip, Kim Kardashian apparently couldn’t stay quiet about Shanna Moalker’s latest claims. During an Instagram Q&A with fans on May 26, the SKIMS founder finally revealed whether or not she ever hooked up with Shanna’s ex-husband, and let me tell you, Kim Kardashian's response to Travis Barker cheating rumors clears everything up. (Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for Travis and Kim for comment on the rumored affair and did not hear back.)

Shanna first suggested Kim and Travis were once involved during a May 18 interview with Us Weekly, during which she said she “caught” Travis having an affair with Kim when she was still married to Travis. According to Shanna, the alleged affair is the reason why she was “never” friends with the Kardashian clan. “Someone sent me all their [text] conversations and I’m also close friends with people who were there, while things were happening,” Shanna explained. “He had already had an affair with Paris Hilton. And… at the time Kim was Paris’ closet organizer, they were best friends. And he started using [Kim] as a model for [his clothing company], Famous Stars and Straps."

But when a fan asked Kim if she’d ever hooked up with Travis during her May 26 Q&A, she shut those rumors down. “NO! False narrative!” she replied. “We’ve been friends for years and I’m so happy for him and Kourt.” Looks like that’s that!

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Though Kim denied ever hooking up with the Blink-182 drummer back in the day, it does seem he once caught her eye. An old interview Travis gave with Us Weekly in 2015 recently resurfaced, in which he admitted to having “a crush” on Kim when she was working as Paris’ assistant. “How could you not stare at Kim?” Travis said at the time. “Mind you, I enjoyed hanging out with Paris, but I love curvy girls. Kim was eye candy. I was no way disrespectful to Paris, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Kim!” According to Travis, the two “were flirtatious” with each other but nothing romantic ever happened between them.

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However, former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day begs to differ. Back in July 2020, the singer took to her IG Story to share a story about Kim and Travis reportedly hooking up during a Fourth of July party years earlier. “I was ‘BFFs’ with Kim Kardashian during a fourth [of July]. She was hooking up with Travis Barker and we were at his house.. he was really dope,” she wrote. Even though Aubrey didn’t specify when all of this had happened, she seemed pretty sure that something transpired between Kim and Travis.

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Despite Aubrey and Shanna’s claims, Kim’s response to the hookup rumors seems firm. Kourtney and Travis have yet to weigh in on the drama themselves, but hopefully they’re willing to let the past stay in the past.