Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Pete Davidson's face for Instagram?

Um, Did Kim Photoshop Pete’s Face For Instagram? This Side-By-Side Is Wild

Is no one’s jawline safe?

Future Publishing/Future Publishing/Getty Images

The Kardashians are famous (see: infamous) for their... creative Photoshop skills, so much so that when a non-edited picture makes its way to the ’gram, it’s quickly scrubbed. Though the family’s Facetuning has been called out time and time again (I mean, remember when Kris Jenner went viral for blurring her and Gordon Ramsay’s faces to an unrecognizable degree?), it still seems like the lesson hasn’t sunk in — and now Pete Davidson’s involved. On April 13, Instagram account @ProblematicFame called out Kim Kardashian for editing her new beau. So did Kardashian actually use Photoshop on Davidson’s face for Instagram? This side-by-side comparison is pretty telling.

On April 11, Kardashian posted two loved-up photos with Davidson, taken after the Hulu premiere of The Kardashians. She added a cheeky caption, “late nite snack,” and everyone seemed to be loving the pics (aka, one of the only romantic Kete moments she’s shared with her followers). Initially, nothing seemed too out there. Yes, they were edited — it looked like she added a grainy filter — but otherwise, nothing was obviously Facetuned.

And her followers certainly didn’t seem to have any problem with the photos. Kardashian’s post racked up over 10 million likes, and the comments section was flooded with heart emojis.

However, a few days later on April 13, @ProblematicFame (an Instagram account dedicated to showing celebrities sans the filters and Photoshop) posted a side-by-side comparison of Davidson’s profile. One of the photos was candid and looked like it was taken on set for Saturday Night Live. The other was from Kardashian’s recent Instagram... and yep, it definitely looks like Kardashian went a little too far when editing their couple photos.


With these two photos side by side, it certainly looks like Davidson’s nose, jawline, and chin were reshaped for Instagram. To be fair, he does have a different expression on his face, which could explain some of the differences, but it’s still giving off a fishy vibe.

Taking to Twitter on April 13, writer Sophie Ross shared a screenshot of the IG story, writing, “I would cry if someone gave me a photoshopped nose job and jawline sculpting.” (Um, same — especially if it was my SO.) However, some Twitter users disagreed. One replied to Ross’ tweet, “Personally i would love it and welcome the Kardashian’s [sic] to do that to me.”

Here’s hoping Instagram-less Davidson feels the same way.