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Khloé Kardashian might not be too pleased with Tristan Thompson.

Fans Think Khloé Is Shading Tristan After Those Cheating Rumors

She posted a cryptic quote on her Instagram Story.

by Candice Jalili
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What’s going on between True’s parents? After the reality star posted a cryptic quote on Instagram on May 25, fans are wondering if Khloé Kardashian has been subtly shading Tristan Thompson on social media. If she is indeed sending the basketball player a message, the drama comes on the heels of a fourth round of cheating rumors.

ICYMI: Kardashian and Thompson, who started dating in 2016, hit their first rough patch in 2018 when the Daily Mail released footage that appeared to show Thompson cheating on Kardashian just days before she gave birth to their daughter. Shortly after, TMZ released footage that also appeared to show Thompson reportedly cheating on her earlier on in her pregnancy. The couple split in early 2019 after Thompson was again accused of cheating, this time with family friend Jordyn Woods. Kardashian and Thompson are rumored to have gotten back together in 2020 (though they’ve never confirmed it), and now, Thompson is being accused of cheating again.

The most recent cheating claims against Tristan come from Instagram model Sydney Chase, who first made the claims during an April 22 appearance on the No Jumper podcast. “He told me he was not in a relationship anymore, so I said OK,” Chase claimed of her reported January fling with Thompson. “We talked, we hung out multiple times, we went out together, everything.” According to Chase, she ended things when she found out he wasn't single and "cut him off."

Thompson is reportedly denying Chase’s side of the story. On May 4, both Page Six and TMZ claimed to have obtained emails sent from Thompson's legal team to Chase. “It is obvious that you are a liar,” the reported email read. “... Your claim that you had a relationship with Mr. Thompson is pure fiction. The purported texts you claim exist are equally fictitious, and they put words in my client’s mouth that he never said that are contrary to his thoughts and feelings. This is defamatory.” Though both TMZ and Page Six claim the emails exist, Thompson and his legal team have yet to confirm those details.

Kardashian has stayed pretty quiet on the latest cheating rumors, aside from one cryptic IG Story posted the same day as Chase posted a TikTok doubling down on her cheating claims. "People who don't hesitate to share a kind word or do a good deed to brighten someone else's day are the best kind of people," Kardashian's Story read. Fans believed the post was a low-key acknowledgement of the rumors, even though Kardashian has yet to confirm or deny this. Now they’re taking some of her most recent activity as further digs at Thompson.

To be fair, fans may be reading *way* too deeply into things, but they’ve noticed Kardashian has been low-key ignoring Thompson on IG. For example, when he professed his love for her via his IG Stories on Mother's Day, Kardashian raised eyebrows by not publicly acknowledging the post. Then, when he commented on a May 16 picture of her and True with two red heart emojis, fans noticed she again didn't acknowledge it.

Again, fans could be reading *way* too deeply here. But on May 25, Kardashian posted a series of pictures of herself in which her ring finger was noticeably bare. She and Thompson never confirmed they were engaged, but some fans assumed they were after an April 1 IG Kardashian posted of herself rocking a massive ring on that finger. Thompson only fueled the rumors at the time by commenting on her shot, "." And now that ring is noticeably missing from her finger. Huh.

The closest Thompson has come to explicitly acknowledging any rumored infidelity was his apology to Kris Jenner during the Season 19 finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "When I hurt her with all the actions I did, it really affected me a lot because of how much I let you down and our relationship," he told Jenner, who later forgave him. If true, this new rumor may have him back on the family's bad side.