Their Hips Don't Lie
Here's the moment Katie Thurston met John Hersey on The Bachelorette.

Katie And John's Body Language Had "An Electric Charge" When They Met

But she still looked nervous around him.


Love is in the air! Katie Thurston confirmed that she’s dating John Hersey on Nov. 23 with a sweet Instagram Story set to Taylor Swift’s romantic “Begin Again.” In the relationship announcement, Thurston also shared a clip of her and Hersey meeting for the first time during night one of her Bachelorette run. (At this time, I’d like to personally thank Thurston for bringing this adorable video back to my attention.) The video is almost too sweet for words, and the romantic vibe between the duo is clear from the start. Not to mention, based on Thurston and Hersey’s body language, it’s no wonder they found their way back to each other.

Thurston and Hersey’s first meeting was pretty much the definition of cute. After he stepped out of a limo, Hersey told her, “These past few weeks have been insane. I’ve felt like I’ve been dreaming... I feel like I’m dreaming twice as hard right now.” (Um, swoon?) Thurston replied, “I feel the same way, so we’re on the same page.” And this sweet exchange was only the half of it.

According to Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, Thurston and Hersey’s first meeting was full of good signs. Here’s how she breaks it down.

Their Focus Was On Each Other

Hersey and Thurston’s body language indicates that they’re eager to focus entirely on each other. Wood points out “how quickly [Hersey] moves toward her” after exiting the limo. And his rush to greet Thurston speaks to his attraction toward her. “He wants to make his way to her as quickly as possible,” Wood tells Elite Daily. “It’s like, ‘I like what I see, and I want more of it. I want to get close to it.’”

His facial expression sends the same message. “His whole facial structure moves upward, and his eyes light up when he sees her,” Wood adds. “Typically, the orbit of the eye goes up and open when we see something we like, and we want more of it.”

He’s not the only one who seems to have trouble concentrating on anything else. When Hersey leaves her to go into the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, Thurston’s attention follows him. “She moves her entire body with her back to the camera to watch him as he leaves,” Wood explains. “Usually, we would see [the Bachelorette] turn part of her body or her face toward the camera.” She’s invested.

Their Hug Wasn’t Sexual


Thurston and Hersey’s first meeting was more friendly than romantic, and their hug lacked sexual chemistry. “He only hugs with the upper part of his body. He actually stands a fairly good distance away from her. There's a big space between their pelvises,” Wood explains.

But that’s not necessarily a bad sign. Wood adds, “It's respectful. It's not sexual, which is appropriate for an initial greeting.” Here’s hoping their hugs are a little more up close and personal by now.

Thurston Looked Nervous


While greeting Hersey, Thurston’s body language appeared to hint at some anxiety. “She's moving her head back and forth, she's swaying her body kind of side to side, and that's all nervousness and anxiety,” Wood points out. “What it shows me is that she's nervous and anxious about her connection to him, and she doesn't want to break the connection to him.” To sum it up? “She's nervously happy.”

And it seems like meeting Hersey only elevated that feeling. Wood notices a “sort of attraction, electricity, and anxiety that is charging through her body.” Considering Thurston tells herself to “play it cool” after meeting Hersey, that analysis seems to check out. Wood adds, “She just held his hand, too. So I think that for her, there was a little bit of an electric charge in her body.” Sparks flying definitely sounds like a good sign to me.

Although there’s no way to know exactly how Thurston and Hersey felt when they first met, their body language definitely hints at some serious chemistry. And even though they took their time getting together, it seems like that electric charge did eventually spark a romantic flame for this duo.