Kate Middleton pretended to be Prince William's girlfriend when they were in college.

Kate Pretended To Be Will's College Girlfriend For A Charming Reason

Apparently, she was the prince’s saving grace.


Considering Kate Middleton and Prince William first got together at St. Andrews back in 2002, they have been together for quite some time. But apparently, even before they were romantically linked, the duo was calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. According to Laura Warshauer, a friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate pretended to be Will’s girlfriend in college — but don’t worry, the reason was totally sweet.

According to the Mirror, in a new book titled Kate: The Future Queen, Laura explained that Kate had a nifty method of helping Will get out of awkward situations during their college days. She told author and royal expert Katie Nicholl, “Will was getting really hit on by this girl at a party and it was getting quite uncomfortable because he couldn't shake her off. He was being really polite, but this girl just didn't get the hint.” Fortunately, Kate came to his rescue. (Um, I love that they flipped the damsel in distress narrative.)

“All of a sudden Kate came up behind him and put her arms around him,” Laura explained. Then, Will took the bait and made his excuses. “He said, 'Oh, sorry, but I've got a girlfriend,’ and he and Kate went off giggling.” A moment of silence for the girl (see: woman) in question reading this 20 years later.

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Although Kate and Will didn’t actually start dating until their sophomore year of college, this memory definitely makes it sound like they were laying the groundwork well before things officially took a romantic turn. Of course, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing since then — the couple actually broke up for a few months in 2007 — this throwback story definitely sounds like they were always meant to be.

And according to Will, their breakup only made that more obvious. In 2007, he told Tom Bradby of the split, “We were both very young … and we were both defining ourselves as such and being different characters, it was very much trying to find our way and we were growing up, it was just a bit of space... and things worked out for the better.”

Who knew pretending to be someone’s SO could have such a fairytale ending?