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Justin Hartley's quote about finding "the one" with Sofia Petras after his divorce from Chrishell St...

Justin Hartley’s Quote About Finding “The One” After Chrishell Strause Is Hard To Read


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When Justin Hartley filed for divorce from Chrishell Strause in Nov. 2019, things got messy fast. On Selling Sunset, Strause claimed she was “blindsided” by the filing. And in the time since then, she’s hinted that Hartley’s rumored infidelity played a role in their split. But Strause isn’t the only one willing to get a little shady. In a Dec. 29 interview with Haute Living, Hartley spoke openly about his current wife, Sofia Petras (the same woman he was accused of cheating with), and his quotes about finding “the one” after divorcing Strause are painful and honestly, confusing to read.

“It’s incredible when you’re not forcing things. It doesn’t have to be that hard,” Hartley told the magazine of his marriage with Petras. (Um, is he implying that he was forcing things with Strause?!) The This Is Us actor gushed, “You just meet the right person and you just go, ‘Oh, this is amazing. It’s just so wonderful!’ You’re so attracted and so attached to this person. You just love this person so much.”

(BTW, Hartley and Petras first met back in 2015 when they acted alongside each other on The Young And The Restless. Hartley was with Strause at the time. So it seems like he’s referring to when they re-connected in spring 2020 here — otherwise, Strause’s claims might be a little on the nose.)

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Despite the subtle shade that Hartley may or may not throwing there, it does sound like he’s genuinely happy in his marriage to Petras. “Even though we’ve only been married a few months, it’s hard to remember what it was like without her. When I remet her, I just knew,” he explained. “It’s so interesting about the human heart and human mind. It’s not a codependency — I’m just at peace with myself.”

“I feel loved and I feel appreciated. I know she feels the same way,” he added. “We just have a really great relationship and a really terrific family. It’s healthy, and it’s wonderful.”

The This Is Us actor also swooned over how his wife inspires him. “I want to rise to the occasion because she’s so great. She does make me want to be a better person, and [this kind of love] certainly does complete me.”

Here’s hoping that you-complete-me love only continues to grow for Hartley and Petras — and that Strause finds her own version sometime soon.