16 Tweets About International Kissing Day To Remind Us All We're So Single, It Hurts

by Candice Jalili

Nothing like a holiday called "International Kissing Day" to remind you of how very single you are.

Honestly, I'm not even single, and I find the concept of having an international holiday to celebrate kissing to be absolutely ridiculous. There's no way I hear the words "International Kissing Day" and don't want to vomit. It's just weird.

But, anyway, the fact of the matter is that it's a thing, and it's happening today.

Of course, people are responding in one of two ways: Either they're LOVING it (barf) or they're responding like us and, well, hating it.

To paint you a picture of what I'm talking about here, I rounded up some of the most romantic and, by contrast, most real tweets about International Kissing Day that will remind us you all how incredibly single you are.

Here's a cute montage of black and white pics of these boys kissing romantically.

And here's one of you kissing the mirror... because, well, what else are you gonna do?

Here's a GIF of these people having their first kiss.

And here are some definitely authentic pics of yours.

Here's a pic of these guys holding back smiles as they kiss their true love.

And here's a pic of you kissing the only thing that's never let you down.

Here's a pic of this couple kissing by a Christmas tree.

And here's a pic of you covered in a blanket like an angry hermit who doesn't even know what a kiss is.

Heres a bunch of pics of this couple kissing across the globe.

And here's a pic of you trying not to vom.

Here's a pic of this couple kissing by the historic "kissing rock."

And here's a pic of you kissing the probably-not-historic kissing rabbit.

Here's a bunch of adorable pics of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller kissing all over the place.

And here's a pic of you ready to spoon on International Kissing Day.

Here's a video of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling kissing passionately.

And here's a pic of you crying your sad lonely tears because you're single AF.

Happy International Kissing Day, everyone!