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Here's how Rihanna reportedly feels about A$AP Rocky's arrest.

Here’s How Rihanna Reportedly Feels About A$AP’s Arrest

On April 20, the rapper was arrested in connection to a shooting.

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s dream-come-true romance has hit a few snags recently, and that’s putting things lightly. From (now quashed) cheating rumors to A$AP’s recent “assault with a deadly weapon” arrest, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. So how is the couple faring? In the midst of all of this chaos, they’re apparently staying strong — yes, really. Despite the severity of the charges, Rihanna reportedly feels relatively calm about A$AP’s arrest. Instead, she’s focusing on her pregnancy.

ICYMI, A$AP was arrested on April 20 in connection to a November 2021 shooting. According to the Los Angeles Police Department Report, “[A]n argument between two acquaintances... escalated and resulted in the suspect firing a handgun at the victim... Following the shooting, the suspect and two additional males fled the area on foot.” Following his arrest at LAX, A$AP was detained and later released on a $550,000 bond.

Despite the surprising turn of events, A$AP’s legal trouble does not seem to have affected his romantic relationship too much. On April 23, a source told Us Weekly, “[Rihanna] hasn’t spoken much about [the arrest]. She’s truly focused on her pregnancy and not trying to get too stressed.” (TBH, that sounds like a pretty good game plan.) According to the insider, Rihanna is staying optimistic about the legal struggle ahead. “She is very confident about everything and has told friends she just hopes for a positive outcome,” the source said.

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The couple isn’t shying away from spending time together, either. On April 23, they went out to eat at Giorgio Baldi, an Italian restaurant and celebrity favorite, in Santa Monica, California. According to a source, the vibe appeared to be relaxed — aka, there was no palpable post-arrest tension.

“It was a happy and relaxed group. Rihanna looked great. She sat next to A$AP and they were affectionate,” the insider told People. Apparently, they were in no rush to avoid detection, either. The source added, “They dined for a couple of hours. The focus was very much on Rihanna and the baby.”

Here’s hoping that continues to ring true as the duo approaches Rihanna’s due date and A$AP’s Aug. 17 court date in the coming months.