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This is how A$AP Rocky started dating Rihanna after years of being friends.

A$AP Won Over Rihanna In The Sweetest Way

Friends-to-lovers never looked so good.

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In case you somehow haven’t heard yet, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are expecting their first baby! The duo made the pregnancy announcement on Jan. 31 with a series of picture-perfect pregnancy photos. Though their relationship is totally fairytale-worthy now, their romance was actually a looong time coming. For years, A$AP and RiRi were just friends — despite the fact that the rapper was always interested in her romantically. So how’d they (finally) get to this happy, pregnancy photoshoot place? Sources recently revealed exactly how A$AP started dating Rihanna, and their friends-to-lovers story is super sweet.

A$AP and RiRi’s connection started with mutual respect for each other’s talent. “[They] each knew and respected the other through music, their collaboration, and their other work,” a source told People. And A$AP started falling for Rihanna pretty fast... and really, who could blame him?

The insider continued, “It has grown from there. He admired her and was even awed by her.” But Rihanna wasn’t quite ready to meet him at that level — at least, not yet. That didn’t exactly dissuade A$AP though. “He was eager to start a relationship and felt she was worth waiting for.”

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Another source added, “[A] lot of guys have tried to sweep her off her feet, but Rocky actually managed to do it.” Here’s how he did it: “From the very beginning, he's doted on her. He's over-the-top romantic and sends her roomfuls of flowers all the time.” (As she deserves.)

A$AP confirmed his relationship with Rihanna in April 2021, and since then, it’s been a whirlwind romance. “They always have fun together,” an insider explained. “They joke and act goofy. They enjoy life and like to travel. They love being together and are the loves of each other's lives.” Aw!

Well, if you’re considering dating your best friend, A$AP and RiRi’s romance is a good sign to give it a chance. And if you can’t afford to send them roomfuls of flowers, a bouquet (or two) will do!