6 Ways To Handle Your Bridesmaids If They’re On A Budget

Aleksandra Jankovic

For anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid, it's no secret that being a bridesmaid can be wildly expensive.

Before you know it, you could find yourself reaching deep into your pockets to spend close to $1,000 on a wedding for your good friend or family member, just to be a member of their bridal party.

There's so much money going toward the dress, the pre-wedding parties, the gifts and, of course, all of the travel accommodations, and it all adds up faster than you'd think.

So if you find you have bridesmaids who are on a tight budget, but they still want to have the honor of standing beside you on your special day, it's important you acknowledge and take into consideration their spending limit when planning your big day.

Here are six ways to handle any bridesmaid — or bridal party — on a budget:

Pay attention to their numbers.

Ask your bridesmaids to give you a heads up on how much they are able and willing to spend on things like bridesmaid dresses, the bachelorette party or even for the bridal shower (if you're asking them to chip in).

Do this early on so you're aware of the dollar amount before you or your maid-of-honor starts the spending and the planning.

Set a maximum budget for the bridal party.

Chat with your maid-of-honor to set a maximum-spending budget for the whole bridal party to follow.

That way, the one or two bridesmaids on a strict spending limit don't have to feel alone, left out or singled out.

Ditch your first choice.

When you're working with their budget, you may find the dress you want them to buy is $100 over their limit or the hotel you want for your bachelorette party is way more than what your gal pals can afford.

In this case, decide on a more affordable plan B. Even though it's technically not your first choice, everyone will be happier with a little money left over.

Give them an out.

In the end, it is your wedding. So if you're not looking to compromise on the activities you plan or the bridesmaid dress you'd like all your girls to wear, give your girls an out.

Let them know they don't have to take on the role if they don't want to or if they don't feel like they can afford it.

Find activities that don't cost a ton of money.

If you're looking to plan a bachelorette party that everyone can attend, consider doing something local or researching free/low-cost activities.

Or if you do want to plan the bachelorette party in a location that requires traveling, try planning activities that don't require them to reach for their wallet once they get there.

Pick up the tab when you can.

Whether it's gifting your bridal party their glam squad (hair and makeup) for the wedding day or buying their bridesmaid dresses for them, try to pay for what you can so you don't have to put a huge financial strain on your bridesmaids, especially when they aren't in a position to be spending cash on your wedding day in the first place.