Dessert Company Goes Off On Bride-To-Be: 'You're A Complete Waste Of Humanity'

by Candice Jalili

In case you thought cyber bullying stopped when you graduated the eighth grade, here's a not-so-friendly reminder it doesn't.

Amanda De Pascale, a 26-year-old bride-to-be from Long Island, was planning her wedding with her fiancée, Joe Rea, 36, when things got out of control.


The couple thought it would be a fun idea to rent a food truck so their guests could "get little sweets" at the wedding, so they looked into leading NYC dessert food company, Sweetery, for their pastry needs, according to the DailyMail.

Amanda emailed the company to see how much it would cost for them to rent a Sweetery truck for their big day. Unfortunately, the estimated cost was $2,900, which was a bit outside of the young couple's price range.

So, Amanda, like most normal busy people with better things to do with their lives, didn't respond to the email after that.

NBD, right? Wrong.

The company absolutely LOST THEIR SHIT when Amanda essentially ghosted them. First, it was phone calls.

"They kept calling me, multiple times an hour, then would stop for a few hours, then call back again," she told Fox News.

I mean, sure, she could have responded with a "No, thanks" when she decided she wasn't going to use their services after all. But, let's keep in mind: THE WOMAN IS PLANNING A WEDDING, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. Cut her some slack. SHE'S BUSY.

But the people over at Sweetery were NOT about to drop it. The calls persisted for "about two weeks" until Amanda finally received this ABSURD email:


Here's the email in full:

Amanda - We have zero idea what type of warped sick games you are playing with us, but now it is time for us to have a say. You are a despicable bottom feeding wretched disgrace of a person, who is as disgusting as they come. How many times have we called you to follow up on the proposal that we expanded time and effort to produce based on your request and each and every time you cowardly hang up the phone on us when we identify who is calling, what an absolute low life twisted miserable individual you have to be [sic]. We also send you multiple emails that you don't have the decency to respond to, who do you think you are, because we are here to tell you that you are a weak, meager [sic] spineless empty sack low life piece of trash. We work very hard to do right by client [sic] both existing and perspective and although rarely do we come across a pile of dog sh*t like you, it is cowards like you that are not worth the gas that we pass. If you were not interested in our services that [sic] open your mousy measly trap and say so, but no not you, you would prefer to hang up on us countless time [sic] pretending that you cannot hear us to which we would normally say get a new phone but it is clear that you should get a life. You are despicable and that is probably on your best day, on your worst day you are a complete waste of humanity, I know dogs when they lift their legs that have better manners than you do. What kind of trash would ask a company to do work for them and then not have the decency and respect, or the respect for their own self, not to at the very least say thank you, or no thank you... That kind of a person is a sad, sorry douchebag [sic] in anyone's vocabulary. We truly hope that your wedding bombs and turns out to be a complete and total disaster of the century why would it be anything but since you are a part of it. We could not even imagine the person that would marry you, pity the poor lonely soul whose life is doomed before it starts with you, we hope that he or she runs and saves them self from the mud hole that you are. If for some reason you need further clarification on our thoughts let us know we are certain we can clarify those thoughts for you.


Needless to say, Amanda didn't quite love receiving this completely unwarranted and unprofessional attack on her character as a human being.

She sent screenshots of the absolutely batshit crazy email to her friend (like any normal person would), and her girls HAD HER BACK.

After one of her friends posted screenshots of the horrible email on Facebook and tagged Sweetery, the company apologized for their behavior and let go of the associate who sent the email from President Grant Di Mille's account.

Di Mille told Fox News, “I had a conversation with our associate who wrote to the client and told him that we had no choice but to let him go based on the pain that has been caused to Amanda.”

But for Amanda, that doesn't really change the fact that she was totally harassed and bullied via email for no good reason.

She told Fox News, “No other vendors had harassed me like this or belittled me, and I hope this never happens to another bride or customer ever again.”

Amanda didn't even do anything wrong here, but, honestly, I don't even care if she ordered all of the cakes Sweetery had to offer and then proceeded to chew them up and spit them out onto the face of the guy who baked them for her... NOBODY deserves an email like this.

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