6 Guys Admit Why Their Proposal Ended In A Breakup


Planning out the way you're going to ask the love of your life if they will spend forever (or just a really long time) with you can be enough to launch you into a full-blown panic attack.

You want the entire thing to go smoothly, be a combo of romantic and sentimental and, of course, be good enough that your new fiancé will want to Instagram every second of it.

But even if you think you know what will impress your bae, there's always a chance you could be completely wrong.

You might plan a proposal that looks exactly like their worst nightmare, or you could show up so nervous, the whole thing goes worse than any proposal nightmare you've ever dreamed of.

Just take note of these six guys, whose proposals went so badly, they ended up back on Tinder afterward.

1. I asked her in front of a large crowd.

— Rick W., 26

2. I didn't have a ring.

— Gregg D., 25

3. I was very drunk.

— Kyle B., 28

4. We were on different pages.

— Peter M., 29

5. My speech sucked.

— Tom B., 26

6. I called her the wrong name.

— Max S., 27