Guys Admit How Their Marriage Proposal Failed So Hard, They Became Single Again

Planning out the way you're going to ask the love of your life if they will spend forever (or just a really long time) with you can be enough to launch you into a full-blown panic attack.

You want the entire thing to go smoothly, be a combo of romantic and sentimental and, of course, be good enough that your new fiancé will want to Instagram every second of it.

But even if you think you know what will impress your bae, there's always a chance you could be completely wrong.

You might plan a proposal that looks exactly like their worst nightmare, or you could show up so nervous, the whole thing goes worse than any proposal nightmare you've ever dreamed of.

Just take note of these six guys, whose proposals went so badly, they ended up back on Tinder afterward.

1. I asked her in front of a large crowd.

I didn't know or remember this, but my ex-girlfriend always said, if I proposed, not to make it a big deal or do it in front of a ton of people. She was kind of shy and an introvert. I thought she was just saying that just to say that. I didn't think she meant it. Women are complicated. So, no joke, I ended up proposing in Times Square on a billboard in front of hundreds of strangers. We lived in NYC, went for a walk one night and found our way to Times Square, where the billboard played for like two minutes. It cost me thousands of dollars. She immediately turned bright red when she realized what was happening. Everyone started cheering and rooting for us, and she literally ran away. When I finally found her back at her apartment, she said our relationship was over because I never listen to her and I don't care about her because, if I did, I wouldn't have proposed like I did.

— Rick W., 26

2. I didn't have a ring.

I asked my girlfriend of six months to marry me one night when we were watching TV on the couch. Yes, it was a very 'Netflix and chill' kind of proposal, but that's our style. We're super laid back. I didn't think she'd want something extra special. I didn't have a ring. (She said she didn't like diamond rings.) When I proposed, she laughed in my face. She thought it was a joke and said, if I was serious, I would have taken the proposal more seriously. I was hurt by that and the fact she laughed in my face, so I broke up with her because, clearly, she didn't take me seriously.

— Gregg D., 25

3. I was very drunk.

My girlfriend and I were on-again, off-again for, like, two years. When we got back together after four months of being broken up, I got really drunk one night, showed up at her apartment and proposed. I was black out. Her roommate recorded the whole thing. Apparently, I bought a candy ring at CVS and asked her with that. Let's just say it didn't end well. She thought I was being a jerk and said she was over this. We haven't spoken since that night, and it's been over a year.

— Kyle B., 28

4. We were on different pages.

I was dating my ex for a year and a half. I thought, by then, it was time to take the next step. She and I never talked about marriage or having kids, though. I guess I figured she wanted all of that. I planned a really nice proposal with a great dinner and decided to ask her to marry me on our walk home, in front of the spot of our first date. I got on one knee, pulled out the ring and watched her face go pale. She was shocked. She told me she never wanted to get married, and she thought I knew that. That was the awful moment I realized she and I were on different pages, and it wasn't going to work out.

— Peter M., 29

5. My speech sucked.

I was so nervous about proposing that I had to drink half a bottle of wine and get high. I did that to calm my nerves. When I showed up to propose, I wasn't in the best 'place.' Apparently, I rambled on and on for 30 minutes about how I found someone who was good enough, and she may not be perfect, but that was OK. She said my proposal speech was so offensive. She kicked me out of her apartment, and we broke up a month later.

— Tom B., 26

6. I called her the wrong name.

There was so much jealously between my ex and my other ex before her. When I proposed, I got so nervous, I called my ex the wrong name — the name of the girl I dated before her. I literally was like, “Jessica, will you marry me?” Her name is Hillary. It was so brutally embarrassing. Hillary cried and then accused me of still being in love with my ex (who I did still talk to, but not romantically). The whole thing royally blew up in my face.

— Max S., 27