9 Mistakes Guys Make That Definitely Ruin A First Date

luke + mallory leasure

First dates are pretty intense, to say the least.

From stumbling over awkward silences to not knowing where to look when you're mouth is full of food, there are plenty of reasons to cancel at the last minute or escape at any given chance.

But believe it or not, guys, there are things you can do to make a first date even worse... and you should probably stop all of them immediately.

Here are nine things we really wish you'd stop doing on the first date (or at all, for that matter):

1. Only talking about yourself

If you're anything like me, you're not completely comfortable when it comes to silence and strangers. So naturally, on a first date, you try to make conversation by asking questions.

But there's nothing worse than when your date doesn't seem interested (or they're not smart enough to catch on) in asking any back.

News flash: You're not that interesting.

2. Pretend to be super busy on your phone

We get it. Your friends are probably asking you questions about what's happening (don't worry, we know you're just like us), but they can wait until you nip to the bathroom.

Nobody likes a guy who can't put his phone down for a few hours... except when you're supposed to be texting us. Then, we hate it, obviously.

3. Make any comment whatsoever about what we order

If we want to order a gigantic burger and fries and eat it all or if we want to order a salad and not even finish half of it, it really has nothing to do with you. So just concentrate on your own meal, and we'll deal with our own. Thanks.

4. Show up without a plan

There is nothing worse than the inevitable conversation, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" "Whatever, I'm easy." "Me too."

That'll come with any relationship, but we don't want that now. So, please, come with a plan — and maybe a back up plan — in case we're not feeling it.

5. Show up late

This is probably something that bugs some people more than others, but it's a simple demonstration of manners.

If you can't be on time on the first date, we take that as a sign that you will never be on time, and for some of us, that's a deal breaker. Sorry, guys. Remember, first impressions matter.

6. Show attention to any other girl around you

We get that you want to "play it cool" or whatever, but you don't have to be an ass. If you're on a date with us, be on that date. Save gawking at other women for when you're with your friends.

Any signs of a wandering eye, and you've pretty much deleted yourselves from our phones.

7. Sit and complain

There is nothing less attractive than a guy who sits and whines about every little thing. Whether it's your day at work, your family and friends or the service you're receiving on your date, we're not interested.

Being happy and positive is way sexier than someone always looking for the negatives. We need to know you can cheer us up when necessary and help us forget any bad day or experience we may have in the future. If you can't even manage a few positive hours, we're probably not interested.

8. Boast

Seriously, nobody likes a boaster. We really don't care how much commission you made this month, what your car is worth or how many holiday homes your parents have. It doesn't make you more attractive; it does the opposite.

In fact, maybe even try being a little bashful — it's cute.

9. Get too drunk, especially when we stopped after one or two drinks

We get that you might be a little nervous, so we're happy to have a glass of wine or two to help break the ice. But let's not completely plummet into the lake and ruin any chances of a second date, OK?

We're not interested in having to carry you to a cab or fending off any drunk advances. Keep it classy, please.

Avoid these bad habits, and you'll be closer to bagging yourself a second date with us, you lucky thing you. And we'll be looking forward to it.