Guy Seeks Revenge By Sending His Ex's Nudes To 150 Of Her Closest Friends

by Sean Abrams

I've heard seeking revenge could fill you with insanely good vibes, but this guy took his spitefulness to a whole other level.

31-year-old Heroy Bygraves decided to blast out nude photos of his former love to 150 people (including her family, close friends and boss) after their relationship ended on a sour note.

His girlfriend was then fired and forced to leave her home for safety reasons, according to Daily Mail.

The raging dick of a boyfriend's malicious actions didn't stop there, as the court reported he also destroyed the victim's personal property and cut up her car tires.

To be honest, dating a guy with a name like that... she's lucky she got out when she did.

Judge James O'Mahony of Canterbury Crown Court deemed Bygraves' actions "despicable and spiteful," despite Bygraves' claims that the victim posted all of the nudes herself.

After pleading not guilty, he was ultimately convicted of "distributing private photographs" and will be sentenced to 14 months in jail.

"It could only have been you who did this yet you had the effrontery to try to turn the tables on your former girlfriend and you made a ridiculous suggestion that she had set the whole thing up," Judge O'Mahony said to Bygraves.

"So I cannot accept you have shown any remorse. You set out to cause maximum damage to her. This is a severe breach of trust and was extremely spiteful and nasty."

The law against "revenge porn" was enacted just two years ago to do justice against people doling out lewd photos of their exes. Since then, it's already helped to put away over 200 disgusting individuals just like Bygraves.

I'm not sure what that says about the world we live in when a thing like "revenge porn" has become so common that we need laws to prevent it.

But hey, Donald Trump is about to be our president. Clearly anything is possible at this point.

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